Improved performance, refined appearance

Enablis, Australia

Building for an exciting future with a high-performance website.

Founded in 2016, Enablis is a leading managed service provider in Australia, providing customers with competitive advantage by delivering leading edge communication and cloud technology. They needed to optimise their website experience to support their growth in a competitive and complex industry.

The destination

To set themselves up for future growth, Enablis were looking to increase their rankings on search engines and provide a well thought out and considered user experience. A proven strategy was needed to produce efficient and effective change, without starting from scratch and having to reinvent the wheel.

The route

Enablis needed to partner with a thoughtful, reliable and technically expert team, who could deliver not just the  background improvements to speed and performance, but also the thinking around user experience. We collaborated closely with their internal team on an action plan for delivering an incredibly fast site with a refined user experience.

The Walk

Design and UX refinements were made very efficiently, making changes only to solve specific issues. Simultaneously, we created a tailored child theme, removing additional scripts, minifying code, adding in a caching solution and setting up a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for faster delivery of assets based on the geographic locations of end-users. This saw the page load times for Enablis decrease to a very quick 1.86 seconds (an improvement of over 90%!).

The Enablis website is now future-ready

Technical improvements decreased the site load time by over 90%, to a very quick 1.86 seconds.

Do you need a website ready for the future?

Faster pages can result in a 16.5% boost to conversion rates, which could prove pivotal in growing your business. If you need a team to back you up that understands both the importance of websites for the growth of a business, and the technical nuances of the digital world, talk to us today.

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