How to write the ultimate marketing plan

A totally doable and effective way to take your marketing to the next level.

So, your company is ready for growth. But, while you have an idea of what you need to achieve, and you have a feeling you know what you need to do, you might not be sure just how to get there.

Sound familiar? Help is at hand!

This is a road we’ve travelled many times as an integrated marketing agency and we’ve drawn from our experience to create a guide to help you craft a great marketing plan to take your business, product, service or solution to the next level.

In this totally doable guide, we’ll help you create a killer marketing plan that serves your organisation, and doesn’t stress you out, drown you in unnecessary admin or take weeks to prepare.

What you’ll learn in our handy guide

First things first

Meet our two personas who are featured extensively in the guide to be the guiding light on how they would create the different aspects in the marketing plan.

Understand your core business offering and who you are

Let’s get back to basics on understanding your business. Use our methods and templates as a guide to getting an understanding of your own business in the areas that count the most.

Learn how to review your business in the now

Take a systematic and objective approach to understanding your business and how to utilise its current position to determine what opportunities and potential threats lie ahead.

Learn how to speak to your customers

Business has become more human than ever, to truly stand out in the crowd we need to speak to people as people. We’ve included a tried and tested formula to help you work out exactly who you’re speaking to and how you need to speak to them.

Use our tools to understand your competitors

Comprehensive methods for analysing your competitive landscape, establishing what good business practice is in your industry and unearth hidden opportunities. We’ve included a handy template in here for you keep track of your rivals’ online channels.

Plan the future of your brand

Now that you know who you’re up against, you can see how you relate to them not online in the marketplace, but in your customer’s minds. To wrap it all up we help you write a positioning statement to end all position statements.

Learn how to set goals to get the entire team on board

All the research is done, you know exactly where you are now. In this part of the guide we’ll help you define success, work out clear steps to achieve it and provide you with the metrics to measure how you’ll know you’ve succeeded.

Get our actionable communication template

You can totally do this. Since action usually beats talk, we’ve included an Excel template we use ourselves when planning communication campaigns for clients. Inside, you’ll find out how to plan your activities and milestones, complete with goals, key metrics and other goodies.

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