Marketing automation that works

Deliver targeted messages at the right time & boost your ROI

Marketing automation is a powerful way to streamline and scale the most time-consuming aspects of marketing and sales.

An effective automated system executes your digital marketing strategy by sending personalised content to a segmented audience, using the right messaging for each customer.

To be effective, an automated system needs to be tailored to your business. This begins at choosing the right software and ensuring staff are properly trained. It also includes integrating your CRM, building stellar templates, and – most importantly – measuring results properly. The most powerful automation is the most personalised.

“Improving campaign effectiveness is the #1 objective for marketers.”1

We help you build an automated system that saves you time and energy while driving sales and ROI.

Lower overheads & reach more people

Reduce time spent on campaign management and scale customer experience

Reach customers across their entire media journey

Personalised content when it matters most

Increase lifetime value

Build lifelong customer relationships

Laser focus your marketing budget

Use historical data to predict future performance

Automation saves so much time, but it doesn’t have to be robotic.

Effective marketing automation delivers human centric content.

You can target various audience segments using different messaging for each persona group, knowing your communications are being delivered on-time, every time. Lower overheads and a marketing budget based on trackable historical data empowers you to reach more people, across their entire media journey, using personalised content delivered at the optimal time. Want to know more? Fill out the form below or give us a call and you’ll be one step closer to reaping the advantages of automation done well.

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Our Work

Our client needed an experienced agency to partner with them to start their marketing automation journey. The benefits behind automation were a no-brainer.

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What we’re good at

Set-up & training

Configuring automation software & comprehensively training
your team

Process visualisation

Planning custom-built automated journeys for different
audience segments

Content ideation & production

Crafting killer content and creative for each stage of
the journey

Insights & improvements

Gathering insights and data ensures your campaigns keep
getting better


A marketing agency that understands the technical and human parts of marketing automation to help transform
your communications.

If you can identify and select the right platform to fulfil your needs now and into the future, this can help drastically reduce your ongoing expenses because you’re not paying for services that you don’t use.

You also need to be able to set up the technical side of things and ensure your team is well-trained to start delivering with their new automation tools.

A marketing agency that specialises in automation platforms can provide you the best of both worlds – the technical expertise of an automation specialist, plus the strategic and creative thinking to help you deliver stellar, personalised communications from start.

We are a team of experts, creative thinkers and strategists. We have experience with multiple automation platforms, such as Salesforce and the Adobe Marketing Cloud. We can fit into a range of marketing automation set-ups to help you start delivering immediately or help you kickstart your journey with marketing automation.

We’re expert at configuring automation software, and at training your team how to use it.

We’ll help you plan custom automated journeys for your various audience segments, crafting imaginative content relevant to each stage of your customers’ buying experience.

Ready to achieve better results but by using less resources to do so? Fill out the form below or get in touch now and one of our team will guide you towards stress-free marketing automation.

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