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As more and more people look to upskill, shift careers, and expand their horizons, standing out in a crowd of education providers is becoming an increasingly challenging task. Attracting the right students, driving consistent enrolments, and building a trusted brand within the education industry might all seem impossible – but they aren’t.

Whether you’re an adult education provider, tertiary institution, or a school that’s nurturing young minds in a primary or secondary setting, our effective process of strategy, branding, content, and insights will speak directly to all of your prospective students.

Case in Point – Stirling College

When looking to attract new students, schools need to communicate in ways that promise a unique experience aligning with the emotional needs and values held by prospective students and their families.

Stirling College, located in Melbourne, Australia, is a theological school offering courses with a strong focus on counselling and community care. As a niche educational institution, Stirling came to The Walk with no marketing strategy, and low brand visibility. Facing the challenge of low enrolment numbers, we partnered with the college and armed with the strategic goal of driving leads and increasing conversions, we got to work on obtaining new online and face-to-face enrolments for the coming school year.

Taking the time to create personas by understanding the ambitions and goals of the school’s prospective audiences, we built campaigns aimed at resonating with the emotional needs of each student’s life and career purpose. Using an omni-channel approach, we strategically marketed the school’s different courses to these target audiences. The collaboration resulted in a massive boost in student enrolments, and subsequently the school chose The Walk to roll out its annual marketing campaign via both online and off-line channels.

Engaging students and their families through genuine human communication is an integral part of enticing people to picture themselves studying at your school. This is just one aspect of how we establish brand awareness and drive enrolments for educational institutions.

Marketing solutions tailor made for the education sector

At The Walk, we understand that effective digital education marketing relies upon a balanced combination of engagement, trust, and competitive difference. With so many paths for students to choose from, appealing to your ideal learner requires a tried-and-tested marketing process – one that reinforces your unique brand identity and solidifies your industry position.

With a strategic roadmap that’s supported by finely-tuned content and crystal clear data, our education marketing process will ensure your next campaign is a success.

Take a closer look at our expert marketing process:

Building a trusted brand

It all starts with a story. By defining your culture, ethos, and business goals, we can establish your presence as an organisation that values learning and highlights your commitment to your students. This vital groundwork helps build an exceptional education brand that drives awareness, challenges perceptions, and creates an authentic emotional connection.

Meaningful content marketing

Creating an effective content marketing strategy is essential for maximising engagement with your target audience. Well-crafted content and an efficient publishing calendar are essential for capturing the attention of prospective students, whether it’s through your website, blog, social media, or any other channel where your audience might be.

Education marketing strategy

Education marketing strategy is all about understanding your prospective students and what makes them tick. This means identifying their personas, driving forces, and pain points. Our campaigns do this and then some, pinpointing your ideal audience and providing you with the right tools to reach them. Through focused messaging and an engaging brand story, we’ll help you increase the number of leads and enrolments for your organisation.

Effective insights and measurement

For many education brands, analysing and understanding data insights is a huge challenge. It’s no wonder it often gets put in the too-hard basket. The truth is, insights and measurement are integral elements of a results-focused approach. For education organisations who want to reach specific goals, whether it’s enrolments, leads, or just general engagement, understanding what works and and what doesn’t is crucial. As your trusted education marketing partner, we’ll help you collect, analyse and present data so you can make the informed decisions and continue moving in the right direction.

Areas of expertise

As an education marketing agency, our capabilities are built upon years of experience working with education brands across a wide variety of marketing channels and mediums. Delivering an engaging audience experience that strengthens trust and drives awareness, our bespoke, omni-channel marketing solutions set you apart from the competition, pushing you forward as the logical next step in each student’s learning journey.

Brand and Marketing Strategy

The best journeys start with a map. Know where you want to be and how you’re going to get there.

Content Marketing

Cement your position within the education sector field with a strong SEO content marketing strategy.

Video Marketing

85% of businesses use video marketing. And with an incredible 89% of marketers reporting a good ROI, you should be using it too!

Digital Marketing

Using channels like search, social, and display; digital marketing can lead prospective students through each stage of the enrolment cycle.

Integrated Marketing

Every channel of your integrated marketing strategy should work together seamlessly to lead audiences through their purchasing journey.

Email Marketing

It’s the channel that just keeps on giving. Doomsdayers have long declared that email marketing is dead. And yet the results seem to say otherwise, with email marketing making an average of $38 for every $1 spent.

Event Marketing

You don’t just want potential students hearing about your brand, you want them to experience it. Make your education brand extra memorable by making an impression in person.

Insights and Analytics

Great marketing demands concrete results. But how do you measure your success? The Walk will assess your data, explain what it means for your business, and act upon it to improve your results.

Who we’ve worked with


We have found the brand and marketing support from The Walk to be invaluable. We were in a position of building from scratch with no marketing strategy and low brand awareness. The Walk helped us build the foundations and empowered us to work on marketing internally. We’re now in a strong position strategically and are able to leverage their expertise as we choose. They are very easy to work with, very knowledgeable, do what they say they will, when they say they will…and even better, they do it at the price they say they will!


Aaron Mitchell,
Operations and Finance Manager,
Stirling College

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