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Deliver consistent, efficient, and enjoyable digital experiences

When it comes to website and app design, you’ll often hear the acronym ‘UX’ being thrown around, but not everyone understands what it actually is.

User experience (UX) looks at how a website or app feels when you use it, assessing and optimising each element that could affect a user’s engagement with your digital product. UX is a combination of information design, technical delivery, and user interface design, which focuses mainly on how it looks. It takes the user’s experience into account across their entire journey. Sounds important, right? It is.

How do people respond when using your website or app? Does it provide tangible value? Is it simple and easy to use? What overall impression does it elicit? Do people like it? Love it? Hate it? Never want to see it again? Or are they happy to return?

“88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.”

– The Trillion Dollar UX Problem

Consciously and unconsciously, we judge the experiences we have when interacting with a website or app. Often, people aren’t even consciously aware of how a poor experience has made them less likely to return or complete a purchase.

With the right expertise behind your UX, your target audience will feel the time spent engaging with your brand is simple, seamless, and valuable.

Strong foundations of effective, beautiful & easy-to-use websites or apps

Organisations who don’t pay enough attention to UX may unwittingly be suffering less than optimal brand awareness, market engagement, and sales. If your team doesn’t fully comprehend the deep thinking behind user experience and its many impacts on businesses, it could be time to ask for professional support.

Attractive user interface

Consistent visual design creates a user journey defined by comfort & control

Elicits positive responses

People can always find what they need, and leave feeling great

Thought-provoking content

Content design & information hierarchy are crucial to great user experiences

High performance for users & search engines

Quick page load times & SEO work well for both humans & algorithms

3 steps to ‘power up’ your UX

Simple tips to boost engagement, conversions, and revenue by optimising your website or app’s UX design.

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Who we have worked with:

How we produce brilliant UX as standard

Great user interface & content design

Simple, easy-to-use, beautiful designs

User research

Understanding your audience helps deliver a valuable experience

Usability testing

Real users provide genuine feedback

A/B testing assumptions

Compare engagement with variable content to optimise results

Data validation

Inputs provide feedback to show users where they stand in a process

Search-optimised content

High-volume keywords attract the right audience

Functional minimalism

Valuable, relevant content and clear pathways saves users’ time


Evolve to accommodate user & market trends


Test multiple versions of your product before going to market

Clear pathways

Simplicity & consistency minimises user friction

Rich experiences

Clear & practical infographics & animations to engage users


Users of all abilities successfully use the product


Working together with you to optimise experiences


Visual cues ensure users always know what’s happening

Open source approach

Never locking you in to any proprietary technology


Crafted responses to users’ actions on site via email or chat message

Driving user traffic

Great content marketing, social media, SEM & SEO complete the UX journey


The life journey of a UX project at The Walk

While branding and marketing are often mentioned in the same breath, there are fundamental differences between the two.



We need to understand the needs and expectations of the people engaging your brand. Empathy for users leads to better outcomes.



Delivering a human-centred experience helps create loyal brand customers, and equally important, achieve business goals.



Successful designs evolve, adapting on an ongoing basis as user feedback is received and industry requirements change.

At The Walk, designing and developing a website or app with thoughtful UX is also a frictionless experience.

Get in touch with the team at The Walk now to begin collaboration on a digital product that focuses strategically on usability, usefulness, accessibility, and desirability.

Your brand deserves to be seen as a trusted online presence where people have positive experiences and can always find what they need.

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