Connecting hearts and minds with creative not-for-profit marketing

Does your marketing connect authentically and inspire creatively?

No two not-for-profit (NFP) organisations, like no two stories, are the same.

You’re selling hope, not chocolates, and a personal approach is required. Great NFP marketing combines creativity with care.

NFP marketing

Care for your cause, care for the people you help and their individual stories, and care for how donors’ hard earned money is put to work in pursuit of a better world. Experts at optimising budgets and ad spend for maximum return on investment (ROI), we use our signature 3-step cycle of insights, strategy, and content to ensure we’re creating a tailored approach that ensures your audience engages with content matched to their expectations, in the media channels they use most. We get it. Budgets are tight, we must spend them wisely.

To do that, we love looking at the bright side – sharing real-life narratives around the strength of the people and organisations working tirelessly, and often thanklessly, to improve the lives of others.

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On a mission to drive positive change

We love to use our craft to drive positive change, solve problems, and create a better world. Can we help you?

We know staff at not-for-profits are busy, and most often haven’t joined the organisation for financial reward. You’re passionate about your charitable causes, and often your ranks are composed of volunteers. For a marketing agency like The Walk, we’re grateful to collaborate with NFPs for numerous reasons, but here are the main ones:

We get a feeling of genuine joy and satisfaction from our work with you because the collaboration affects us on a personal, emotional level. We know you’re helping the world in which we all live to be a better place, and so by optimising your impact, we feel as though we’re actively contributing to a cause higher than ourselves.

NFPs like charities, foundations, healthcare providers, and superannuation funds for public service providers like emergency services and teachers most often have strong values. We can’t help but let these values permeate our own company culture, and so working with you helps us become better people too.

Working with NFPs is different to consumer and business clients. We’re creative people, and NFPs often have poignant and extraordinary stories to share, along with fresh, optimistic perspectives on the world. This means we get to do fresh and extraordinary creative work, which is why we get up in the morning.

We have something to give too

We really want to help. That’s why we offer a 10% blanket discount on all agency services for valid not-for-profit organisations. For clarity, that’s not media spend or bought out costs, but the work our people do for you. Ask the team if you’d like to know more.


We have found the brand and marketing support from The Walk to be invaluable. We were in a position of building from scratch with no marketing strategy and low brand awareness. The Walk helped us build the foundations and empowered us to work on marketing internally. We’re now in a strong position strategically and are able to leverage their expertise as we choose. They are very easy to work with, very knowledgeable, do what they say they will, when they say they will…and even better, they do it at the price they say they will!


Aaron Mitchell,
Operations and Finance Manager,
Stirling College

Being different makes the difference for not-for-profits

Marketing is traditionally about sales, but that’s not you. When you exist to support individuals and groups to build a better society, the normal rules of marketing don’t apply. Well, not all of them.

  • Marketing must still deliver ROI
  • You must still make a connection with your audience
  • You still need to know their personal or emotional triggers
  • And you need to know where to find your people.

So while you may be working for donations, not product sales, it’s just as important for you as for any blue-chip company that the work is commercially successful, on message and builds your brand.

In fact, we understand you need to be especially mindful of your spending, because it’s often by the grace of organisations, individuals or government support that you have the opportunity to do your important work. Respecting the value of that support, and using it to maximum effect is both a privilege and a grave responsibility.

Frequently your work revolves around vulnerable people. Respecting those often-powerful stories necessitates highly creative and responsible narrative storytelling. We do this through high quality creative content in tandem with insights gleaned from data. A good story is worth telling everywhere there’s an ear for it. That’s why we take an integrated marketing approach, always looking for opportunities to connect beyond digital marketing, whether that’s in traditional media, live and virtual events or other communications.

One swallow doesn’t make a summer

We know that the holy grail for not-for-profit organisations is not just a one-off donation, but long term giving, membership and patronage of your organisation. This is not always a quick achievement, and nurturing prospects through from discovering your service to engaging with then supporting your service must be a carefully crafted and meaningful journey requiring many interactions across a variety of channels.

Our goal is to maintain and build the integrity of your brand across all channels, achieved through consistent messaging and a strong focus on what makes you and your cause unique. There are a plethora of charitable organisations vying for the attention (and dollars) of benefactors – whether that’s people, businesses, government funds or NGOs. We know you have to rise above the noise, battling charity fatigue, and inspiring your audience to support you and not another cause. We get to the heart of the matter – literally and figuratively.

A comprehensive, tailored strategy is delivered and continually optimised to maximise results. This is how we can help support and grow your not-for-profit organisation.

Areas of expertise

Years of experience helping enterprise brands, SMBs and other NFPs with integrated campaigns and creative content of all kinds means we can bring interesting ideas from diverse sectors backed by the expertise needed to execute to the highest standard.

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Want to see how a creative, emotive brand story in conjunction with targeting the right audiences across the right channels can give your NFP a boost?

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Using insights from data, we’ll discern the best marketing channels for your specific focus topic, set goals, and then help you make the right decisions to grow your organisation.

Plus, don’t forget your 10% discount on agency services for valid NFPs.

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