In an industry where trust is the only currency, the big question for Faith Insurance was how they could raise awareness and build trust with a new audience.

Faith Insurance was a completely new brand in a busy marketplace, not an easy spot to be with the competition well entrenched. A not-for-profit organisation, Faith Insurance was targeting faith-based organisations who need insurance to protect their communities and their representatives from the unforeseen.

Here’s how it happened that, with a few insights, a keen strategy and well-executed content, the new name in Australian insurance was suddenly on everyone’s lips.

The challenge

The big challenge was to get sales immediately, but how do you convince community organisations, many run by committee, to give over their members’ hard earned money to an unknown brand?

Finance and insurance are highly competitive, concentrated, and heavily regulated. More so than in other markets, trust is an invaluable currency in this space. To trust someone with both their money and peace of mind, most organisations demand size, history, resources, and a solid track record.

Faith Insurance had none of these. In addition, their target clients were traditionally less financially savvy and slower to trust an unknown brand.

The goals

We needed to establish Faith Insurance as a brand that’d resonate with faith-based and community organisations, then generate enough trust for them to take the leap of faith and buy a policy from a completely new player in the insurance arena.

Generate brand awareness

Build trust with customers

Drive leads and policy sales

The journey

We approached this complex and exciting challenge with our established process – insights, strategy and content.

To help the launch be as effective and efficient as possible, we created a 6-month marketing plan, complete with an integrated outreach campaign, plus ongoing SEO and content strategies.

This project had two main stages: preparation for the three-month boost and the boost itself.

Giving a face to the brand

The first step was to understand our target audience, which enabled us to create a brand that was professional and relatable. Audiences had to trust the brand as an institution, but also needed to feel that Faith Insurance really understood them and their needs. Working closely with the team, we gave Faith Insurance a name, with a face and voice that was founded on empathy, understanding and transparency. We:

  • Developed and set clear brand guidelines
  • Created their name and tagline, and designed their logo
  • Created a user-friendly website infused with the brand’s voice and personality
  • Developed a number of brand assets to help Faith Insurance have a running start by taking high-quality collateral to in-person meetings and events

Planning it all out

While the brand was being developed, we laid our plans to hit the market with a 6-month plan of action.

In the plan, we covered three months of the campaign, plus three months for post-campaign measurement, SEO consolidation, and course correction. Strategising upfront helped us keep true to the vision and goals, and allowed us to approach the tactical execution with more confidence and a clearer vision of what success would actually look like.

If you’re struggling with your marketing plan, our free ebook will walk you through the steps in an easy, friendly way that actually gets things done. Grab it here:

Marketing plan ebook

The long tail: SEO strategy

To ensure a steady flow of quality traffic, we researched and recommended high-performing SEO topics, strategically spread out over a 6-month timeframe.

Planning relevant, punchy and consistent content output 6 months in advance ensured long-term SEO benefits and highly qualified traffic. We created a detailed, strategically sound content marketing plan for Faith Insurance’s in-house copywriter to produce engaging and consistent content.

Unleashing the digital campaign

The cherry on top: to complete our multi-touch customer acquisition and awareness plan, we deployed and fine-tuned a combination of search and display ads, starting in earnest during the renewal period:

  • In concert, search and display produced impressive leads and policy purchases, and drastically increased brand awareness
  • We consistently optimised campaigns for maximum performance
  • A/B tests were used to discover new opportunities and help us focus on the most effective approaches

The results

With the 3-month boost, our multi-touch approach improved Faith Insurance’s standing across all possible metrics. We almost immediately hiked performance and sales, then topped industry averages by a wide margin in conversions and CTR.

This resulted in impressive lead generation, sales, and a powerful effect on brand awareness. But more importantly, we helped Faith Insurance gain a solid footing in the highly competitive insurance market, and keep growing as the successful organisation they now are. The awareness and trust established during the boost lingered on, compounding positive effects and drawing in an avalanche of customers and supporters.

What a ride! What’s brewing next up?

We learned a lot from our success with Faith Insurance. Such a unique take on a traditional, entrenched market space (and by a nonprofit, no less!).

But we bet your startup story is just as fascinating. Tell us all about it and let’s see how we can help your star shine as well. To that end, we’ve created some very friendly offers specifically for startups.

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