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We’re up to the challenge. At The Walk, we’re committed to collaboration and paying attention to achieve better results. We love stepping out of our comfort zone, and we’re passionate about solving business problems. Our focus is always on delivering ROI – which at The Walk means a return on your investment delivered through a return on our imagination. Our unique blend of creativity and attention to detail helps us to achieve optimal results for our clients.

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Join us in the fight against marketing cynicism

We hear a lot of our new clients talk about poor experiences with previous agencies. They paid good money, but their account didn’t get the attention, expertise or the results they deserved. Specifically, we hear about:

Lack of transparency and poor communication

Results that show brilliant returns on vanity metrics like clicks and views, with no impact to the bottom line

Automated reports with reams of opaque data that just eat their time

Creative that fails to inspire or reflect their brand values

Poor collaboration and minimal respect for the skills and experience their team brings to the table

Have you been locked into a contract? Sold the world by silver-tongued salespeople only to experience a set-and-forget marketing campaign with little to no ongoing personal attention? Maybe your company isn’t big enough for the global agencies, and so they wouldn’t bring you onboard?

If you’re ambitious and innovative, and willing to collaborate to achieve excellent growth results for your brand, you need a marketing partner with the same values.

Who is The Walk?

The Walk is a boutique integrated marketing agency. We work with a range of clients across digital and traditional channels, and we don’t have a large sales team tipping reams of leads into an automated funnel so we can churn out PPC campaigns.

We choose our clients well. In an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, we make the best of everyone’s skills and form a dedicated team, with the skills and experience to achieve just about anything.

We pay attention, we optimise and constantly learn so we can iteratively improve. We continually review and adjust strategies based on insights gained by analysing results. So, if you’re experiencing a budget crunch or want to free up some of your business-as-usual budget to work on more innovative projects or opening new markets, let us help you spend less to achieve a better result.

What’s the ROI challenge?

Using similar marketing channels, we’ll outperform your current or previous marketing agency’s results, or achieve the same with a lower budget. Put simply, our challenge is to spend less, but earn you more in the process.

Who can take up the challenge?

We love working with ambitious, collaborative and energetic people. We have strong experience in B2B and technology, but we also work in healthcare, financial services, education and in the B2C space. Our clients are large and small, from ambitious startups, established SMB’s and SME’s all the way up to multinational enterprises, based in Australia, USA and across the entire Asia Pacific region.

You’ll need to have a budget and specific results for us to outperform if you want to take up this challenge. If you’re spending less than $10,000 per month on marketing, we might not be able to help you. But you’re welcome to reach out to us anyway if you think you have an interesting challenge for us!

What will you get from the challenge?

You’ll have a team of dedicated professionals working with you to achieve your goals, across the channels and media that will create the best impact for you. We will do everything we can to deliver the results you are seeking, and most of all you’ll learn, because we’ll report in detail on everything. Even if the results don’t go the way we want them to, our report will deliver valuable insights into how you might be able to improve with the next iteration, whichever agency you choose to work with going forward.

Give us 3 months to rock your world

Give The Walk just 3 months and we’ll show you how a focussed marketing strategy with high-quality creative can accelerate the growth of your business. This will only be the beginning of how we work to delight you; our real speciality is not quick fixes. It’s forming deep relationships with your teams, achieving amazing results together over time.

Full transparency: this is an offer to get you in the door, so we can show you that we’re great to work with, so we can continue to collaborate with your team to drive continued business growth for years to come.

Don’t take our word for it – our results speak for themselves

Brands including Amazon Web Services and Lenovo have continued to choose us to collaborate on their creative marketing for years.

  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

These global brands, with countless options for agency support and large in house teams trust The Walk to fill gaps in expertise and provide scale to achieve a high quality work that meets their goals. Even though these businesses evolve constantly, they continue to choose us and trust us to support them, year after year.

Case in point: InstantScripts

Healthcare marketing app

The Walk specialises in B2B integrated marketing, working with a broad range of clients from large corporations to mid-sized companies and even start-ups. Check out the results we achieved for InstantScripts. Working together with The Walk, this burgeoning start-up transformed into one of Australia’s leading digital healthcare providers.

InstantScripts wanted to reach out to a wider audience and increase their revenue – the perfect challenge for a marketing agency who focuses on ROI. After extensive analysis of data provided by the client’s previous marketing partner, we began by optimising the business’s media and digital marketing campaigns. That said, we knew this was only going to be half the challenge.

How creative is your brand marketing?

Imaginative, cut-through creative is what brings a brand to the forefront of prospective customers’ minds. It creates a residual story that can remain in people’s subconsciousness for months or even years to come. Emotion and humanity connect, and InstantScripts needed an identity and human connection to resonate. Our aim was to nurture the tiny spaces hidden within people’s thoughts; thoughts leading to increased loyalty and customer retention.

Our InstantScripts TV ad introduced the ‘new (human) face’ of InstantScripts, who came to represent the brand in future marketing efforts, while a new brand voice took on a more caring, informative, and relatable tone in the business’s social media and digital marketing campaigns.

With a 50% increase in sales in only three months, we doubled the results of InstantScripts’ previous marketing agency. This is true ROI. Creative, integrated brand marketing beats safe, boring marketing.

Healthcare marketing app

Put the ROI challenge to the test

Not all marketing agencies are created equal. At The Walk, we’re obsessed with results and delivering that all-important ROI for our valued clients. If you’re tired of questionable results from your existing agency, why not put our team of marketing experts to the test?

Over just 3 months, we’ll show you how we can use the same budget* and potentially even the same marketing channels to outperform your current marketing results.**

Give us a call or fill out the form below and one of our experienced marketers will get in touch to see how we can help you maximise your marketing results. Rest assured, we won’t spam you or pass your details onto others! Read our Privacy Policy here.

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Meet The Walk

Effective, integrated marketing that fuels growth

We’re the full-service marketing agency who helps you build your brand as well as attract and nurture leads to grow your business. Whether it’s through media, creative, digital, content, communications, or events, we’ve got you covered, partnering with your team every step of the way to achieve optimal results.

Turning business goals into business results and big ideas into big impressions, we have capabilities across a range of channels and strategies. Our clients come to us with all kinds of challenges. Each challenge is unique and deserves a unique approach, so we follow a three-step process ensuring everything we do delivers value and a return on imagination.

Whether it’s through integrated marketing, content marketing, branding and creative, video marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, or one of the many other omnichannel marketing specialties that we’re skilled in, we always approach our work by taking three basic steps: insights, strategy, and content.

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*The Walk reserves the right to inform a client when their budget is insufficient to achieve their desired marketing goals.

**The Walk is not obligated to accept all challenges. We hold complete control of the terms of the agreement, and while we always work hard to achieve optimal results, there is no guarantee it will work every time. The Walk reserves the right to select new clients to collaborate with, based on where we feel our knowledge, experience, and expertise will be most useful. As per our approach to insights, strategy, and content, we’ll produce a campaign report with insights for you.

What our customers say:

  • — Natalie Day – Enterprise Marketing Manager
    “The Walk team delivered high quality work in a timely manner, helping us clearly communicate the value we deliver to our clients. We really appreciate the work they do with us.”

  • — Peter Brinkman – B2B Marketing Professional
    “The Walk were instrumental in helping Lenovo develop and execute many very successful marketing campaigns for me both in Australia and in the United States. Their strategic advice and creativity made them an indispensable strategic partner.”

  • — Jade Hamilton – National Marketing Manager
    “…the team took the time to understand our unique requirements, and continue to work with us to evolve the content marketing strategy to grow with our business. Better still, they’ve never lost sight of our vision, and we’ve experienced marked growth of inbound enquiry.”

  • — Catherine Lee – Marketing Manager
    “The Walk Agency is fantastic to work with. A hive of creative genius minds, they help us develop and grow our business, from marketing strategy, to creative executions, to databases and web development. The Walk truly are an extension of my team, staying in touch constantly so we always know what each other is working on. Looking forward to more great projects with The Walk!”