Succeeding in the new age of healthcare marketing

Premium digital experiences and building trust in brands: new rules for the post-pandemic era

The world of healthcare is being revolutionised by technology, and not just in how services are delivered digitally, remotely and with data and AI.

Healthcare technology

Consumer brands are delivering exceptional customer experiences, which means that healthcare customers and patients alike now expect more than ever from their healthcare brands. The bar for producing marketing and communications that have an impact is getting higher.

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Healthcare is changing, and healthcare marketing is changing too

Whether you’re in the healthcare B2B environment, or delivering products and services direct to consumers, the near future offers both new challenges and opportunities for healthcare brand marketing.

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Increasingly accessible markets

In some cases, face-to-face consultations have been replaced by virtual ones. This significantly expands the total addressable market, and therefore the target marketing footprint. A reassessment of the potential target audience along with focused branding, and differentiation within niches can increase opportunities for new customer acquisition.

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Exceptional customer experiences

With the emergence of healthcare apps, Telehealth services, and prescription home delivery, it is more important than ever for healthcare brands to develop frictionless customer experiences that match the quality of brand interactions that people are experiencing in the consumer space.

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Premium hybrid event experiences

The healthcare industry, like many other industries, has had to move event-based marketing online. This trend will continue and run in parallel with the return of face-to-face events. The need to educate medical professionals will remain but the methods will change with the development of engaging online events and targeted pre-event marketing and post-event follow-up.

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Practical and compelling sales content

For medical industry sales representatives, the post-pandemic business environment has reduced the need for travel for many and increased the reliance on useful, high-quality sales and marketing content and content automation strategies to stay top of mind with medical professionals without being physically present.

Choosing a healthcare marketing agency

Choosing a healthcare marketing agency

Rules and regulations
Healthcare marketing is highly regulated.If you’re working in this space and looking for a marketing agency, it’s important you choose an agency with experience to help you navigate the legislation and advertising restrictions.

Building brand trust
Successful marketing in the healthcare sector often requires awareness, education, and behaviour adoption – all of which can take time. Consistent, innovative marketing that is driven by consumer insights will deliver the fastest consumer adoption curve.

At The Walk, we have extensive experience in healthcare brand development and promotion.

Read some of our case studies below, or if you’re ready to chat, get in touch to discuss how we could help.

Our key services for healthcare clients

brand marketing strategy

Brand and marketing strategy

The best journeys start with a map. Know where you want to be and how you’re going to get there.

User experience

User experience

Frictionless engagement can do wonders for your business. Make each touchpoint a joy.

Content marketing

Content marketing

Whether through text, images, video or events, we create beautiful and meaningful content that makes an impact.

digital marketing

Digital marketing

We create rich, seamless experiences across channels to help customers engage with your brand.

Healthcare brands we’ve worked with

We’ve worked with local and international healthcare brands like InstantScripts, Fronditha Care, and Purifas. Get in touch to see how we can use our marketing expertise to transform your brand.

  • Healthcare marketing agency
    Healthcare marketing app

    InstantScripts – big results for an exciting healthcare start-up

    Healthcare marketing app

    InstantScripts, an Australian start-up, came to us in August 2020 with one objective: to increase sales. We created an effective social media marketing solution, using highly targeted placements to send the right message to the right people. Check out the killer results achieved through social media in our new folio piece.

  • Healthcare marketing
    Healthcare marketing campaign

    Purifas - innovative massage table face shields

    Healthcare marketing campaign

    Purifas® is a multi award-winning hygiene company committed to reducing the risk of infection and improving comfort during physical treatments. Their FaceShield product was more expensive than competing products but reduced bacterial transmission by 86%. The challenge was to educate massage therapists and physiotherapists on the benefits of the product and encourage them to try and switch to Purifas.

  • Healthcare marketing company
    Healthcare marketing website

    Fronditha Care – creating a new audience for a niche not-for-profit organisation

    Healthcare marketing website

    Fronditha Care, a not-for-profit organisation delivering residential aged care services in Victoria and NSW came to us with a specific need, creating demand for one of their facilities. Our solution was a targeted integrated marketing campaign, focusing on marketing their niche service to a new audience in a new location.

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