Bringing visibility to a product for consumers
demanding new standards in hygiene

Purifas, Australia

Purifas, Australia innovated at a moment in history when our chiro, osteo, physio, and massage clinicians needed solutions.

To support a segment of the health industry strongly affected by the economics of a pandemic and communities reeling from a lack of health support during lockdowns, the innovative solution developed by Purifas needed to be shared.

The destination

Purifas specialises in hygiene products offering clinical protection and comfort for physical therapy settings. This includes a disposable face hole cover for massage tables which reduces transmission of germs. Purifas approached The Walk agency to place this product in front of health specialists.

The route

Analysis of previous Purifas marketing efforts informed us about how we could approach this marketing challenge from a new angle. By focusing on the problems facing the target audience of chiro, osteo, physio, and massage therapists in a pandemic-affected space, targeted solution-based social media advertising was used to address these pain points.

The Walk

A digital marketing campaign employing a multi-channel approach to reach two distinct audiences, across Australia and New Zealand. The first was aimed at increasing product visibility to physiotherapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths via a targeted LinkedIn ad campaign that reached over 15,000 health care professionals. The second was a Facebook ad campaign targeting massage therapists, which resulted in 135 direct product sales.

Multiple messages were tested including, ‘Covers the whole face to reduce bacteria’ and ‘100 Purifas FaceShields or 100 washed towels’, but the message that resonated the most was, ‘Is your clinic up to the new hygiene standards?’, as it addressed the issues faced by health professionals dealing with a pandemic. Purifas has subsequently entrusted The Walk with the launch of their new BodyShield product in Australia and their expansion into the UK.

Copy written to clearly introduce the benefits with supporting visual to explain a slightly abstract concept

Purifas healthcare advertising

Showing a series of ads used to reach different audiences

Purifas digital marketing

Ads encourage trial so the audience could experience the benefits

Purifas digital healthcare facebook marketing

Need to get your product or service in front of the specific people it’s designed for?

The world we live in is constantly changing, and this is especially true during an era defining moment such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Your marketing needs to speak directly to your target audience, embracing their context to increase its relevance. If you need help understanding how to put a strategy like this into action, speak to The Walk today.

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