Building a brand story that brings customers on the journey

Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group, North America

Lenovo is a full spectrum IT solutions provider, covering every technology aspect from mobile devices and wearables, through PCs of every kind, to the infrastructure solutions that run supercomputers and the cloud. In the market however, Lenovo is mainly known as a PC company, and awareness of the complete suite of services is low. When trying to engage with infrastructure customers in the cloud service provider space, Lenovo needed well written, smartly designed brand material that would help paint the full picture for new customers.

The destination

As the business grows, their Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) needed brand material that would help prospective customers to understand who they are, as well as what they have to offer from a technology solutions standpoint. Communicating their full brand proposition meant telling the story of Lenovo as not just a global IT powerhouse, but a responsible corporate citizen committed to a better world through smarter technology for all.

The route

The key ambition of this work was to present Lenovo ISG in a convincing but accessible way, walking the line between describing their formidable capability and credentials, without sounding boastful or overblown. With a series of three flyers covering the brand promise of working with Lenovo on infrastructure solutions, we created a well structured positioning that clearly communicates the benefits.

The Walk

Short paragraphs of copy are broken out with statistics and data supporting claims, resulting in an engaging and scannable piece. We explored three aspects; sustainability, trust & security, and performance & reliability, key elements for customers looking to engage with a reliable IT partner. The result describes an experienced, trusted supplier and partner who can provide reliable, powerful and highly secure solutions, while doing business in a globally responsible and sustainable fashion.

Simply and impactfully written copy made easily readable with striking visual design

Completing the picture of Lenovo as a globally responsible supplier and transformation partner

Backing up positioning claims with facts and data gives credibility to the work

Need some polish to help your brand shine?

Many brands out there have a lot to say about themselves to the world, but aren’t quite sure how to go about saying it. At The Walk, we’ve been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to communicate their brand propositions to their audiences, helping them find the right customers, and start relationships off on the right foot.

If you’d like help with a brand proposition and communications that help your customers understand why they should work with you, speak to The Walk today.

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