Devoted your life to a startup? An integrated marketing strategy is key to your success.

Don’t leave it to fate. Your beloved startup needs to be in the capable hands of a team focused on real world results.

Being part of a startup business is exciting, and often requires incredible levels of dedication and perseverance. It’s not unsual for startup teams to be devoting most of their time to turning their ideas into reality.

Whether you’re launching a new brand, want to grow your fledgling business to the next level, or are working to scale from regional to national or international markets, success depends on whether you have expertise and experience on your side. Our tried-and-tested process of insights, strategy, and content ensures we can take your brand to the next level.

Case in point – InstantScripts radically increases sales, repeat purchases, and web traffic

InstantScripts was a startup offering digital healthcare services such as online prescriptions, telehealth consultations with medical professionals, and digital medical certificates.

After working with another marketing agency and only achieving mediocre results, The Walk was tasked with getting the outcomes that could take a relatively unknown brand and transform it into a niche market leader.

We worked to create a new brand identity and story, one that prospective patients could relate to as well as trust with their most important medical information. After optimising the brand’s website and mobile app, we produced a range of campaigns, including general branding as well as targeted men’s and women’s health, sexual health, and more. We also encouraged testimonials and focused on increasing repeat purchases to drive customer lifetime value.

In just three months we doubled the measurable results of the client’s previous marketing partner. Focusing on brand awareness together with a careful balance between customer acquisition and retention helped set this startup on a solid path to growth and success.

The initial 3-month integrated marketing strategy and campaign achieved:

Forget secret recipes, your startup just needs an expertly tailored marketing solution

At The Walk we’re happy to share our ‘magic recipe’ for startup success because we know it takes a certain amount of experience, expertise, and the ability to scale marketing support to make our system work. We’re proud to bring the value of transparency to our approach, so even if our recipe is replicated by others, we know we do it well.

Startups need carefully thought-out branding, strategy, content, insights, and measurement.


Branding is everything to do with how your organisation is perceived by the world. How does it look, sound, and feel? We need to make sure the story defining your image is one that resonates with the human beings behind the brand. It needs to be cohesive and have continuity with every aspect of your customer experience.


Content is every piece of information your brand shares within the marketplace. It’s how you reach your customers, be it through text, images, video, print advertising, or even skywriting. Our aim is to make sure your brand’s content is designed to elicit engagement while illustrating genuine storylines of trust and integrity.


Strategy is understanding your customers and how to reach them, so we’ll devise a campaign focused on providing a concrete ROl for your startup budget. This process is an investment, and unlike some unscrupulous marketers who you may have been hurt by before, we enjoy saving you money on expenditures as well as boosting your sales.

Insights and measurement

Insights and measurement are integral elements of a result-oriented approach. We look at what has worked before, what hasn’t, and then work to improve both. Transparent reporting of campaign outcomes and A/B testing informs our experts on how to boost growth consistently and incrementally throughout our collaboration. Our clients stay with us for the long run because we’re able to prove how important it is to play the long game well.

Startups need to become sustainable, profitable businesses

Our areas of expertise will help you grow and scale your startup.

Ascertaining your goals as a startup business empowers us to develop a marketing strategy focused on achieving the specific real-world results required to keep your operation growing. We use data to gain insights into necessary KPIs, measure and optimise results, improve campaigns, and analyse the competition to make sure you’re always walking one step ahead of the pack.

Over the years we’ve come to enjoy supporting startups because we love being a part of amazing teams and collaborating with wonderful people. Startups appreciate our level of care, as well as our attention to detail when reporting our data-informed insights.

Our key services for startup businesses


Give your brand a clear voice your customers will trust.

Marketing strategy

The best journeys start with a map. Know where you want to be and how you’re going to get there.

Content marketing

Whether through text, images, or video, we create beautiful and meaningful content that makes an impact.

User experience

Frictionless engagement can do wonders for your business. Make each touchpoint a joy.

Public relations

You don’t just want your audience hearing about your brand, you want them to experience it. Make your brand extra memorable by making an impression in person.

Digital marketing

We create rich, seamless experiences across channels to help customers engage with your brand.

Insights and analytics

Great marketing demands ROI, but how do you measure success? We’ll assess your data, explain what it means for your business, and take action to improve your results.

Who we’ve worked with

Case studies of startups we’ve collaborated with

  • Stax – Who’s Stax anyway?

    After just a month, 2.8 million new people knew the answer: a new whiz-kid on the crowded AWS cloud management block. Collaborating with the design and dev teams at Stax, we worked together to hit the market with quality messaging, set up their SEO for long-term success, and ran a highly efficient digital ad campaign.

  • Faith Insurance – A leap of faith

    Not-for-profit startup Faith Insurance had a good product and no visibility. We set out with the goal to help them burst onto the insurance landscape. To help Faith Insurance launch their new brand, we created a 6-month marketing plan, complete with an integrated outreach campaign, plus ongoing SEO and content strategies.

  • InstantScripts – big results for an exciting healthcare start-up

    InstantScripts, an Australian start-up, came to us in August 2020 with one objective: to increase sales. We created an effective social media marketing solution, using highly targeted placements to send the right message to the right people. Check out the killer results achieved through social media in our new folio piece.

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