Become a trusted voice in financial services

With marketing that shows why you’re the best in the business

Building businesses, by building trust

When you provide financial services, you’re asking customers to extend you their trust. For them, it amounts to more than just their hard-earned money. They’re trusting you with the businesses they’ve worked to build, or their family’s prosperity. They’re trusting you with their futures.

For this reason, there’s no other industry where building a trustworthy and reliable brand is more important.

Where we can help you beat the market

Marketing strategy and planning

Brand building activity

Lead generation and conversion

Customer journeys and digital experiences

Customer activation and loyalty

Omnichannel marketing, the numbers tell the story

With 66% of banking consumers and 57% of investment consumers preferring to make purchases over the phone, it’s clear that your customers are looking for a more personal experience. In fact, phone calls convert 10-15x more revenue than web leads.

However, actually getting new customers to make that call is the real challenge.

At The Walk, we understand that marketing is a business tool, and every investment needs to deliver a healthy return.

For example, digital advertising is a highly competitive arena for financial services, with many keywords costing $50 or more per click in Google Ads. Fortunately, there are other ways to get the phone ringing. In fact, 64% of calls to financial service providers come from organic search, which means that with an omnichannel marketing strategy you can attract more leads at a lower cost.

As an integrated marketing agency, we can help you strategise and select key outreach channels, both online and offline, depending on forecasted success criteria. Working closely with your own team to provide the expertise and scale they need to succeed, we’ll collaborate to build a compelling customer journey from their first impression of your brand, right through to when they pick up the phone, and beyond!

Give your brand a clear voice that your customers will trust

Marketing financial services isn’t easy. Through integrated marketing that delivers personalised and relevant content to educate your customers, remove doubt, and build credibility, you can show your audience why they should choose you over everybody else.

Let The Walk help you with the insights, strategy and content you need to build an omnichannel brand that builds trust every step of the way.

Here are some of our top tools to build your brand and fill your pipeline:

Brand and Marketing Strategy

The best journeys start with a map. Know where you want to be and how you’re going to get there.

Content Marketing

Build your authority and become a thought leader in your field with a strong SEO content marketing strategy.

Video Marketing

85% of businesses use video marketing. And with an incredible 89% of marketers reporting a good ROI, you should be using it too.

Digital Marketing

Using channels like search, social, and display; digital marketing can lead your audience through each stage of the buying cycle.

Integrated Marketing

Every channel of your integrated marketing strategy should work together seamlessly to lead audiences through their purchasing journey.

Email Marketing

It’s the channel that just keeps on giving. Naysayers have long declared that email marketing is dead. And yet the results seem to say otherwise, with email marketing making an average of $38 for every $1 spent.

Event Marketing

You don’t just want your audience hearing about your brand, you want them to experience it. Make your brand extra memorable by making an impression in person.

Insights and Analytics

Great marketing demands ROI. But how do you measure your success? The Walk will assess your data, explain what it means for your business, and act upon it to improve your results.


Creating a brand and building trust in a niche financial market

Faith Insurance is a not-for-profit organisation offering insurance and risk management products to faith-based organisations who need to protect their assets, their communities, and their representatives in a range of different activities.

The destination:

As a completely new player in a highly competitive market, Faith Insurance needed to develop a brand that their faith-based target clients could trust; despite having no history or track record to build on.

The route:
  • Taking the time to understand our target audience, we developed a name, face and voice that Faith Insurance’s community-based organisations could trust.
  • We then developed a 6-month plan of action to ensure we adhered to the vision and built steadily towards achieving the business goals.
  • Researching and recommending high-performing SEO topics, we planned out 6 months of consistent, punchy, and relevant content to ensure a steady flow of quality traffic.
  • Finally, we unleashed a finely-tuned combination of search and display ads. A/B testing and consistent optimisation allowed us to continually discover new opportunities and improve results.
The Walk

The brand launch campaign delivered quick results in both performance and sales, and had soon topped industry averages by a wide margin in conversions and CTR.

A subsequent lead gen campaign increased inbound leads by 52.63% and delivered a 126.92% increase in sales overall. An impressive 8.7% of visitors turned into leads, while 26.4% of leads converted into customers.

Our omnichannel marketing strategy that covered brand strategy, brand development, SEM, SEO, website build and lead generation campaigns allowed Faith Insurance to gain a strong foothold in the industry, while rapidly developing their reputation for reliability and dependability.

The awareness and trust established during the initial 6-month period has continued to draw customers to the Faith Insurance family.

We’re the integrated marketing agency that stands with you every step of the way

Here at The Walk, we understand that you’re working in one of the most competitive and challenging markets there is. With extensive experience solving the kinds of marketing challenges that financial service providers commonly face, our commitment to results is second-to-none, as it our ability to be flexible and to collaborate.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you develop a brand that builds trust and leads from the front in the financial services industry.