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Here at The Walk, we are passionate about integrated marketing and helping awesome brands like yours to stay a step ahead. If you’re looking for ways to skyrocket your marketing strategy, look no further! We have collated some of our best eBooks, offers, tips and tricks to help you plan and execute marketing that gets results.

As a modern-day integrated marketing agency, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse of the latest marketing tools, strategies and methods. Plus we bring years of experience to our work every day, constantly learning and evolving. We’ve collated our available resources here for your benefit. We’ll update this as more resources become available so be sure to check back or subscribe to our Perspectives series and we’ll notify you by email.

Free in-depth guides

Dive deep with our free guides offering detailed knowledge in the latest marketing topics. Containing practical steps that you can put to practice in your marketing, take your business, product, service or solution to the next level with the help of these valuable resources.

Learn to harness the power of integrated marketing

This simple, easy-to-follow guidebook will act as your roadmap to developing a strong integrated marketing strategy. Inside you’ll find everything you need to know to build a brand.

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Content marketing guide

This 16-page guide will help you craft a content marketing strategy to help you achieve specific objectives. Download the eBook for free.

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3 steps to ‘power up’ your UX

In this free guide, discover simple tips to boost engagement, conversions, and revenue by optimising your website or app’s UX design. Includes an actionable checklist.

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How to write the ultimate marketing plan

In this totally doable guide, we’ll help you create a killer marketing plan that serves your organisation, and doesn’t stress you out, drown you in unnecessary admin or take weeks to prepare.

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Digital marketing guide

This comprehensive 21-page guide will introduce you to the power of digital marketing, while also providing expert tips for those who already have a handle on the basics. There’s something for everyone.

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Quick start guides

Take advantage of these free quick start guides and learn about the latest marketing topics.

Integrated marketing quick start guide

You’ve heard of integrated marketing, but why is it so awesome? In our free eBook, learn about this channel agnostic approach, how it targets consumers at the right place and the right time, to deliver consistent messages across different phases of the purchase cycle. For businesses, it’s a no-brainer for increasing your chance of success and improving your ROI.

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Content marketing quick start guide

Are you thinking your content could be doing more? Have you been taking an organic approach to growing your site and your channels over time? Whilst you have a lot of good content you have a feeling you are missing opportunities; it could be really creating a lot more value for your brand. Sound familiar?

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Unsure of where to start? Check out some of our latest offers to help you get started, improve and accelerate your marketing activity. From small to established businesses and startups, we can help you turn business goals into real results.

Take The Walk’s ROI challenge

Been burnt by marketing agencies who promise the world but don’t deliver? Watch us sweat it out to boost your results in just 3 months. At The Walk, we’re committed to collaboration and paying attention to achieve better results.

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Startup marketing packages

You’ve gone out and built something awesome. You’ve spent months, maybe years getting your product ready for launch, and now you’ve realised you have to – or your investors are telling you have to – work on your “image”?

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Tips & tricks

There are hundreds of marketing methods out there (content marketing, direct marketing, digital marketing, influencer marketing, social marketing, to name a few) and it can all get overwhelming very quickly. Find some of our tried and tested tips and tricks to help you navigate through the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Top 10 marketing trends to watch out for

What does the future of marketing hold? You don’t need a crystal ball to know that a lot will change — Artificial Intelligence (AI), smart speakers and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences are already disrupting entire industries. New marketing channels are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. What hasn’t changed though is the core fundamental marketing practices that continue to […]

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10 of the best holiday marketing campaigns

It’s holiday season and customers are getting bombarded with marketing campaigns and clearance sales from all their favourite brands. So, how can you stand out? We find out how our favourite brands did it with the top 10 best holiday marketing campaigns.

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How video is driving the next wave of content marketers

Woman holding video camera

Has video taken over the world yet? Not completely but, according to the latest video marketing statistics, it’s quite close. As of this writing, 86% of YouTube viewers use the platform to learn new things and the average internet user watches at least 1.5 hours of video per day. Clearly, people love video content. So, what if you were to […]

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