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You’ve heard of integrated marketing, but why is it so awesome?

Integrated marketing is a channel agnostic approach that targets consumers at the right place and the right time, to deliver consistent messages across different phases of the purchase cycle. For businesses, it’s a no-brainer for increasing your chance of success and reaching your marketing summit.

Integrated campaigns across 4+ channels outperform single or dual-channel campaigns by 300 percent


Take advantage of this time-tested marketing strategy.

Pick your most effective channels, develop consistent and coherent content for each of those and begin your integrated marketing journey. Here’s a few of the biggest benefits with an integrated marketing campaign:

Laser focused media budget
A brand and message your audiences will remember
Segment your company as the thought leader within your industry
Strong brand visibility over the handpicked media to match your audience’s consumption habits
A uniform message across all of your marketing collateral

What you’ll learn inside our guide

What integrated marketing is and how powerful it can be for growing a business

How to pitch integrated marketing in your next meeting

Proven steps so you can successfully get started

How to create tailored and complementary content

How to pick the best channels for your campaign

Case studies: success stories from brands like Apple and Mars

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