Insights & reporting

Still getting automated marketing reports with no actionable insights?

Extracting meaning from multiple data sources can be an art. Without proper analysis, data is just numbers on a screen.

Meaningful insights and reporting can interpret your data and help you make strategic, data-driven decisions. Our expertise lies in discovery – we use a range of marketing statistics and reports to gather data about your business, and then we deliver actionable insights that help solve particular business problems.

Data is useless unless you can interpret the meaning in it that informs positive action.

Jo Edwards, Co-founder and Creative Director

The importance of insights & reporting

Digital insights

With the ability to easily track and record every customer interaction across your digital presence, we can help you make informed decisions based on numerous data sources.

Set clear benchmarks to measure the success of your campaigns

Clear benchmarks allow you to set realistic goals, beat previous performance and track campaign efficacy.

Discover customer pain points

Learn what resonates with your audience. Improve conversions by speaking directly to their needs and wants through smart A/B testing.

Continually learn and optimise

Find out what kind of content is most effective. Target your audience with refined messaging and imagery on the platforms that make the most difference.

Are you getting the insights you need?

Marketing reports without accompanying actionable insights are akin to a GPS without a destination. You can see the world around you, but due to a lack of context, the information doesn’t present you with a solid path forward.

The Walk knows how to leverage your data to drive personalised campaigns targeting your current and future clients. The result is maximum ROI. Interested in knowing more? Get in touch or fill out the form below and your path towards insightful, data-inspired marketing begins here and now.

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Our Work

Actionable insights drive success for modern organisations. Find out how we used insights to optimise campaign performance for rising
brand Stax.

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What we’re good at

Measuring and capturing key data

We ensure the right information is tracked and measured in order to build focused and insightful reports about your audience, market or messaging.

Reports with insights for successful campaigns

We build high-level and detailed reports to deliver insights to different people within your business. Defining the exact areas to focus on is a crucial step to any insights project we work on with our clients.

Consumer research

Understanding your customers and the market is crucial to making an impact. Our targeted research will help you uncover the opportunities available and how to convert these into something tangible, like a lead or sale.

Customer analytics

Why trust a single source of data, when we have access to so much real-time data and deep wells of historical data on customer behaviours? We utilise segmentation and predictive modelling to better inform your go-to-market strategy, which ensures optimal return on your investment.

Segmentation & personas

Once you start to see the individual humans behind the numbers then you’re ready to make a real connection with your messaging. We leverage all available tools to see your customers’ behaviours more clearly, whether that relates to broad areas of interest, media consumption habits, lifestyle interests, or brand and product bias. With this level of understanding, we can create personas for your most popular customers.


Case study: Using qualitative and quantitative data to gather insights

Using different types of data is essential when it comes to gaining insights into a brand.

This data can be quantitative, like sales figures, clicks or ad performance, and it can be qualitative, like conversations with the sales team or talking to customers. One of our biggest success stories is from a client in the commercial cleaning sector. We ran a discovery session with the client, analysing how customers behave on their website and talking to sales staff about the questions they get asked the most.

Through our discovery phase, we figured out that a customer’s biggest pain point is not knowing which machine they need. A lack of direction on the client’s website meant that customers were calling up to speak to a sales person, or worse – going to a competitor. The solution was building a product finder that helped customers to discover which machine suits them best. The result was a 33% increase in conversions.

Remember, insights are crucial to better campaigns and results.

If you’re ready to get reporting with actionable insights to establish successful campaigns, fill out the form below, or contact The Walk now.

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