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Effective, targeted, integrated marketing that fuels growth

Our approach to integrated marketing puts your business challenge at the center of everything we do.

Your business is unique, as are your business challenges. The best way to connect with your customer communities will also be unique. We start with identifying solutions to your challenges. With integrated marketing we can use any channel, however we select the channels that we know will make your marketing and communications most effective. Working through multiple mediums, we create a fluent and engaging audience journey which funnels prospects from their initial awareness of your brand, through to making a purchase and beyond.

Whether it’s B2B, B2C, awareness, acquisition, development, retention or win-back, we can help you address your challenges using data driven, creative marketing solutions across print, digital and broadcast media.

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Our flexible approach sees us deliver bespoke solutions made to fit your business and objectives like a glove. Discover our full suite of services below. Or read about our full set of capabilities here.

B2B marketing

Good B2B marketing is a unique challenge, but one thing is certain: it starts with understanding your audience. With longer lead times and a range of stakeholders to communicate with, our effective B2B marketing strategies focus on education, awareness and lead nurturing. We have years of experience working with some of the world’s biggest B2B brands, so you can be sure we’re up to the challenge.

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Brand & marketing strategies

Solid brand and marketing strategies are the compasses that guide your business. They carve out your goals, as well as keep your brand on track while helping it stay memorable. Brand and marketing strategies are two sides of the same coin: short-term campaigns are balanced with building long-term brand equity. Our approach is insights-based. By combining your data with our insights, we help you understand how your goals and audience needs can be brought together in an effective strategy that delivers results.

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The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

Content marketing

Click-bait is dead. Your customers want to read, see and hear genuinely interesting and useful content. We help you to create engaging, meaningful content that reflects your brand, using data to build a solid marketing strategy to drive it forward. Let’s create something great.

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Creative marketing

Creative is the essence of your brand. It’s the twine that ties together your branding, design and content. Great creative starts with great ideas – which we happen to have a wealth of experience with. Why wait? Let’s craft something extraordinary together.

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Digital marketing

Digital marketing channels can take your business to the next level. With SEO, PPC, CPC and AdWords, it can sound a little complicated. We have a wealth of experience with brands around the world in building digital strategies that use the right channels to get measurable results. Let’s grow.

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Cascading emails

Email marketing

For ten years in a row, email is the marketing channel with the highest ROI. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI. It’s effective and has a demonstrable return on investment (ROI), which is why it’s a cornerstone of every successful digital marketing strategy. We help businesses of all sizes to design, create and deploy email marketing via custom-built campaigns, using the best systems and platforms.

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The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

Integrated marketing

The greatest brands are the most memorable. They use a mixture of channels to communicate and reach the right audience. In other words, they use integrated marketing. Integrated marketing isn’t simply pushing the same message through different platforms. It’s adapting to each channel to make sure the message fits the context. Integrated marketing takes your campaigns to the next level, builds brand loyalty and delivers on ROI.

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Insights & reporting

Extracting meaning from multiple data sources can be an art. Without proper analysis, data is just numbers on a screen. Meaningful insights and reporting can interpret your data and help you make strategic, data-driven decisions. Our expertise lies in discovery – we use a range of marketing statistics and reports to gather data about your business, and then we deliver actionable insights that help solve particular business problems.

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Marketing automation

Marketing automation is a powerful way to streamline and scale the most time-consuming aspects of marketing and sales. An effective automated system executes your digital marketing strategy by sending personalised content to a segmented audience, using the right messaging for each customer. What’s more, the in-depth reporting capabilities of an automated system give actionable insights on how effective your marketing strategies are, and how you can keep getting better. We help you build an automated system that saves you time and energy while driving sales and ROI.

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Social media marketing

Whether you’re a startup or a multinational business, we’ll help you identify what is and isn’t working in your current social media strategy. We’ll help you enhance your social presence, boost leads and generate sales. Our expertise will save you hours of time and help you get ahead. From consulting to campaign generation and implementation to tracking and analytics, we’re here to optimise your social media and enhance your business success.

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Video marketing

72% of customers would prefer to learn about your company through video. It’s effective, immersive and keeps your brand front of mind. With 81% of companies using video marketing, your customers now expect video in your communications. We’re expert storytellers, creatives and producers. In a saturated world, let us help you tell your story, stand out and truly connect with customers.

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Web design & UX

When it comes to website and app design, you’ll often hear the acronym ‘UX’ being thrown around, but not everyone understands what it actually is.

User experience (UX) looks at how a website or app feels when you use it, assessing and optimising each element that could affect a user’s engagement with your digital product. UX is a combination of information design, technical delivery, and user interface design, which focuses mainly on how it looks. It takes the user’s experience into account across their entire journey. Sounds important, right? It is.

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We’ve got you covered. Turning business goals into business results and big ideas into big impressions, we have capability across a range of channels, tactics and strategies.

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What can The Walk do for you?

We offer the critical thinking and industry nous required to effectively give shape to a business challenge so that it can be addressed. We offer the strategic thinking and understanding necessary to craft a strategy that will guide every effort towards the eventual solution. And, we offer the experience and skills needed to produce content across channels and media that will get us there while delivering a great brand experience for your business.

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