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Content marketing that works

A slightly-too-clever guide

This 16-page guide will help you craft a content marketing strategy to help you achieve specific objectives.

Looking for a marketing breakthrough?

You’ve probably heard how content marketing techniques can deliver benefits and outcomes beyond ‘normal’ content. Are you interested in what this means and what can make sense for your brand? Come with your questions as help is at hand.

Our 16-page guide walks you through the steps to creating your own content marketing strategy. As you work your way to the end, you will have an informed strategy and ready to start on your new content. This is the marketing breakthrough for you.

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What you’ll learn inside our guide

What is content marketing and why it’s important for you

We’ll delve into the subtle differences between content marketing and what is “just content” to help you understand the changes you need to make in order to craft cut-through communications.

Establishing the business objectives

This section will provide guidance on how to establish a goal and give direction to each and every content marketing piece you create.

Understanding your audience

Content marketing is a value exchange between you and your audience. We’ve included our tried and tested formula to help you find out who you need to talk to, how to talk to them and what needs to be said.

Content is nothing without context

Learn about how you can capitalize on the buying cycle of your target audience to give them what they want when they want.

Plan, produce, proliferate

Download our content calendar template and start using it to keep activity efficient and engage different audiences at different stages of the buying cycle.

The role of automation in content marketing (robots are our friends)

Being a marketer in the 21st century is like being a kid in the candy store, we’ll go over how you can use technology to take your content marketing efforts to the next level.

Testing, measuring and optimising

You’ve been doing all the right things. Now learn about how you can start to use your results to drastically improve each content marketing piece you create.

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Content marketing that works
A slightly too clever guide

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Thinking in full circle

“Content is the lifeblood of marketing and communications. But, in order to make business sense, it must create value for your brand and provide a return on your investment.”
Jo Edwards, Creative Director – The Walk Agency

Ultimately, good content must have an impact on your marketing metrics. It’s all very well creating a video, writing an article or producing a whitepaper or eBook, but without the capability and experience required to get that piece of content under the eyes of the people who matter, it could be a wasted effort.

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