Driving brand awareness and increasing customer lifetime value

InstantScripts was an Australian startup, looking to grow awareness of their digital healthcare services offering online prescriptions, Telehealth consultations and digital doctors certificates. Wanting to reach out to a wider audience and increase their revenue, InstantScripts turned to The Walk to overhaul their marketing strategy and help them become the leading provider of digital healthcare in the country.

The challenge

With their growth stagnating, and reluctant to pour more resources into a marketing strategy that had previously generated sub-par results, InstantScripts tasked The Walk with outperforming the results of Australia’s leading digital performance agency using the same channels.

The goals

So how do you turn a developing startup into ‘the’ name in digital healthcare services in Australia? You deploy a multichannel marketing strategy aimed at driving brand awareness and increasing the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV),
of course!

Drive brand awareness

Increase customer lifetime value

Maximise revenue

Minimise expenditures

The journey

Making it relatable

The Walk started by presenting InstantScripts with a proposal that would take the brand in a whole new direction, focusing on developing a relatable, caring and professional brand voice that people could trust.

Capturing a new identity

Both InstantScripts’ website and app home page were redesigned to capture the brand’s new voice and identity, while offering a better user experience that was consistent with the brand’s new direction.

The redesigned website, complete with a new brand voice

New landing pages targeting two of InstantScripts’ key audiences

Sticking the landing

The Walk created multiple landing pages that better targeted the needs of different customers, allowing InstantScripts to reach a wider audience with more relevant content. We then created a series of display ads and responsive search ads, experimenting with what worked best for driving traffic towards the updated website and the relevant landing pages.

InstantScripts’ Facebook ads took on a more caring, informative and relatable tone

An email aimed at providing customers with useful information, updates and offers

Reaching out

We released a series of emails aimed at keeping in contact with customers: offering updates, deals and news, and motivating lapsed customers to make another purchase.

InstantScripts leveraged the power of customer reviews to prove the value of their service to new visitors and build trust in the brand

Encouraging feedback

We encouraged customers to leave testimonials as part of a user-generated content strategy aimed at boosting customer acquisition.

The TV ad raised awareness about the convenience of InstantScripts

Expanding our efforts

After completing our three month trial to prove that we could outperform the previous agency using only the channels they’d been using (which were all digital), we began testing various online and offline channels, including radio, print and a tv ad aimed at driving brand awareness.

The television ad introduced the ‘new face’ of InstantScripts who came to represent the brand in future
marketing efforts.

The results

By giving InstantScripts a relatable new identity, encouraging testimonials and redesigning their website and mobile app, we were able to get more people talking about them than ever before.

In just three months we were able to double the results of InstantScripts’ previous agency.

InstantScripts saw a 78% increase in traffic to their website, and a 23% increase in CTR on Facebook. They also began benefiting from a 14% reduction in cost-per conversion. Partnered with The Walk, InstantScripts’ sales improved by 19.3%, while repeat purchases increased
by 38%.

Since wrapping up our initial three-month marketing plan, we’ve continued to improve InstantScripts’ results, increasing sales by a further 50%.

Looking to become a leader in your industry?

Turning a startup or relatively unknown brand into a market leader requires a careful balance between customer acquisition and retention. At The Walk, we’ll not only help you attract new customers to your brand, we’ll also show you how to keep them coming back for years to come. Talk to The Walk today to find out how you can develop a marketing strategy that’s built for long term success.

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