VMware relies on tech company channel partners to resell their virtualisation software products.

In a bid to incentivise the elite amongst VMware’s channel partners, they offered an incentive program to the top tier of resellers to increase engagement and help drive sales revenue.

The exclusive incentive program was offered to just 30 resellers each year. These individuals were known as ’vChampions’.

The challenge

VMware needed to engage with their top-tier channel partners in order to offer them incentives for selling, upselling and cross-selling VMware products.

The goals

How do you encourage the most elite of your channel partners to make more sales and boost your revenue? You develop an exclusive offer that they don’t want to miss!

Incentivise elite channel partners

Encourage training

Drive brand loyalty

The journey

An elite few

VMware encouraged fierce competition amongst their top resellers by offering their exclusive incentives program to just 30 people each year.

An incentivising portal

An exclusive program portal allowed ‘vChampions’ to claim points, earn prizes, and keep up to date on the latest VMware news and events. Each participant was given a program ‘passport’, and received postcards from some of the world’s most recognisable destinations to keep the end-goal in mind. A branded video revealed winners with an animated VMware passport revealing the winner inside.

Keeping in touch

VMware’s channel partners were encouraged to engage with the program through personalised eDMs, printed collateral and video marketing.

The results

Participants consistently achieved stellar results.

The program inspired loyalty and turning channel partners into VMware advocates.

The program’s exclusivity also drove sales people from outside the program to strive for excellence.

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