Driving sales (and efficiencies) with multi-region
programmatic advertising

Lenovo, Worldwide

Creating campaign efficiency and sophistication

The world’s #1 PC company, Lenovo, wanted to drive bigger impact through their digital campaigns. They approached The Walk to design, translate and execute their multi-language HTML5 ads to run across multiple regions, including Australia, US, Japan, and Korea.

The destination

Programmatic advertising isn’t just efficient, it helps companies lead their digital campaigns to more sophisticated and targeted efforts. Integrating your communications across regions can play a key role in building a brand, and can also drive better engagement whilst lowering costs. But the process also needs to deliver better results.

The route

The HTML5 ads were built in such a way that we could update each ad unit efficiently, allowing us to focus on getting the message right in each market. These multi-frame messages delivered a premium experience with clever headlines, striking creative, and seamless animations, all delivered in multiple sizes to cater for a multitude of placements.

The Walk

By leveraging The Walk and our expertise in working across multiple markets, Lenovo were able to save time and deliver seamless HTML5 ads to cater to the local markets, further improving their customer-focused approach.

Lenovo animated display advertisement in English

Lenovo animated display advertisement in Japanese

Examples of actual ads

  • English 300x250

  • Japanese 300x600

Do you want to reach the world with multi-region advertising?

Tackle the world with a single message and leverage the latest innovations in ad platforms to do it. Work with a team that understands the benefits of programmatic ads to help you craft a singular creative message with beautiful HTML5 animated ads to grow your business internationally.

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