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Lenovo Data Center Group, North America

Starting a unique conversation with an elusive target market

SAP SAPPHIRE is one of the premiere cloud and business technology conferences in the world. Attended by both business and technology leaders, it’s where the world’s largest tech companies compete to showcase innovations and solutions. Cutting through and engaging attendees in this competitive, visually crowded landscape to deliver on brand strategy messages is both a challenge and an opportunity to do something different. A perfect environment for a creative, integrated marketing agency to bring some new thinking to the table.

The destination

The key to creating a lasting impression at a busy technology event is to create timeous experiences, where your brand is delivering a stand-out message at just the right time to be heard. For Lenovo, the investment in big technology events brings the greatest returns when brand awareness is high and their event activity drives attendees to visit their booth. However, the events are crowded and there are so many other brands shouting for attention, something creative and eye-catching was needed to stand out.

The route

The convention centre where SAP SAPPHIRE was held is connected to two major hotels where the majority of event attendees stayed by a walkway – the perfect opportunity to make sure that Lenovo’s solutions were top of mind as they entered and left the event. We created a sequence of striking billboard designs carrying individual sequences of messaging for incoming and outgoing journeys along the walkway that complemented both the SAP SAPPHIRE event and Lenovo’s compelling solutions offering.

The Walk

With the chance to do something unique and cool, we were able to craft a catchy and fun narrative as people walked to and from the event. On the way in, we introduced attendees to the benefits that Lenovo brings to the table with their solutions and clearly showed why they should be visiting the Lenovo booth. On the way out, we humorously focused on leaving them with a lasting and positive impression of the brand. With eye-catching brand design and a sequential narrative, the brand impact for Lenovo was huge.

Lenovo messaging greeted attendees on the way in to the conference, and fared them well on the way out

Billboard designs on the way to the convention centre - introducing attendees to the benefits of Lenovo's solutions

On leaving, a more humorous narrative left attendees with a lasting positive impression

Looking to make an impact in a specific environment?

Leveraging time and place to create highly impactful moments between customers and brands is a highly effective method for cutting through the noise of everyday channels. If you’re looking for a marketing partner who understands the lasting impression made by those “small” moments and how to craft them, we can help.

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