VMware partnered with HP to bundle their virtualisation software along with HP’s infrastructure solutions. But with competition fierce, and customers having the choice of a range of software to build their solutions, VMware needed to find a way to motivate HP sales representatives across APAC to hit and exceed their sales targets.

They also needed to empower staff to complete the VMware training to improve sales.

The challenge

With a range of software solutions to sell and competing incentives, VMware needed to cut through the clutter and keep internal sales representatives motivated to sell their products. VMware also needed to encourage staff to complete the VMware training to improve their understanding of the products, and their ability to VMware.

The goals

In a competitive industry, how do you motivate sales reps to sell your solutions over the competition’s? You make it a game, of course!

Boost sales

Motivate sales reps

Educate staff about VMware

The journey

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

Making it a game

VMware wasn’t the only one providing incentive programs. To stand out and keep the target audience engaged, the incentive program was gamified. Staff were rewarded for moving deals through the funnel, but higher rewards were unlocked for achieving other goals such as completing training and certification.

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

An engaging platform

The Walk designed an engaging program – ‘Top Racer’ to spark interest in the incentive program. Participating staff could access a leader board, complete with tips on how to move up in the ranking.

Generating interest

Posters were designed and distributed to the various APAC offices to introduce the program.

Keeping in touch

Regular eDMs were sent out to motivate staff and keep them informed of program updates.

The results

Top Racer was a hit with HP’s
sales team.

Not only did VMware achieve its goals of getting staff trained in their products, they also shot through their quarterly targets, achieving an ROI of 100 times the spend on the program.

Want to improve your sales revenue?

Top Racer showed us how, in the face of competing programs,good creative and gamification can put you on top.

Contact us today and let’s come up with some creative ways to meet your sales targets.

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