Connecting the brand to the fan
A content marketing approach

Lenovo, Worldwide

Striking a conversation

Just like any fabled brand, Lenovo “Think” had legions of hard core fans all buzzing with amazing stories – either being told in other external forums or untold, yet to be unearthed.

The destination

Think computers and their performance are legendary. From being the first laptops in space or the Everest base camp to fan stories on how the ThinkPad laptops have endured fire, water, and even a toss out of a second story window! However, all these stories were being shared in forums and discussion boards outside of Lenovo and visible to those who already loved these devices.

Our challenge was to let these stories be told in a way that would reach prospects in research mode, to leverage the passion of fans to spread to those in research mode and let the stories do the work.

The route

We wanted to bring the disparate Think fans together as a community and provide them a unique space to share and talk about the Think brand. Think Conversations was this space – a content portal that housed stories, discussions, forums and articles about the Think brand. We employed a mix of editorial stories and discussive topics to drive user generated conversations around Think. These discussions were then utilised as fodder for the next editorial planning or as secondary form of research for Lenovo in product planning. A social media hub was also integrated to the content portal that aggregated social media feeds related to Think and Lenovo from all the popular social media channels, allowing the audience a doorway to see trends relating to Think. However the hidden star of Think Conversations was in its ability to profile its audience (with their permission) and personalise the entire content experience. Implemented in just a few websites globally, Think Conversations allowed the audience to sign in with their LinkedIn profile which allowed the content of the portal to be customised according to the interests they had detailed within their LinkedIn profile.

The Walk

This content marketing portal allowed Lenovo not only to directly engage with the Think fans and curate their stories but also allowed Lenovo to share product roadmaps and provide a feedback mechanism on what the community liked or disliked. As a strategic community engagement asset, Think Conversations was integrated into the wider Lenovo website.

Think Conversations homepage layout

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

Customised content based on LinkedIn profile

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

Social hub allowing users to collate a range of content

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

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