Zooming in on Generation Z

How does a PC maker capture the hearts and minds of generation Z in Australia without a big-spend above the line campaign?

The situation:

Lenovo is a world leader in innovative computing and well known in the business sector in Australia and around the world. But with a limited presence in the consumer market, Australia’s younger generation hasn’t yet met the world’s number 1 PC supplier. Within the education sector the brand is known among IT professionals, but without the benefit of above-the-line marketing, there is still low awareness among students and teachers.


The challenge:

Lenovo needed to raise its profile with school students aged 14 -18, expose them to the brand values and increase future purchase consideration. Students are born into a tech-savvy world saturated with marketing and advertising, and with so many voices clamouring for attention it has become increasingly difficult to be heard above the din.

To avoid having to compete directly with other, more well-known PC brands, we deliberately shied away from claiming to be popular or cool. Lenovo’s innovative computing solutions are designed for those who do, so we wanted to involve the students in actually doing something and for them to encounter the Lenovo brand in the context of being creative.

Raise Lenovo's profile among students
The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
Increase purchase intent
The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
Engage through creativity

How we did it:

Students were invited to make a short video of no more than two minutes based on the theme ‘Old School to New School’ We wanted to allow students to reflect on how technology has changed education, with Lenovo top of mind in that process.

Poster for use in schools

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

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Winning videos from the campaign

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

A grand prize valued at over $5000 including a Lenovo ThinkPad® Helix and $1000 in cash ensured that Lenovo Zoom captured the attention of students nationwide. Teenagers are very social online, and this competition was designed to encourage sharing within the competitor’s social networks with the People’s Choice prize (valued at more than $3000) being decided solely on public votes. Weekly prizes also ensured continuous activity and engagement throughout the duration of the competition.

We supported the campaign with a series of targeted ads on Facebook and online student publications, with eDMs to students and teachers to maximise exposure and drive traffic to the website. Teachers could also download advertising for school publications and posters to print and display on school noticeboards.

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

The campaign used social sharing as an amplifier, multiplying the effectiveness of a modest media spend and resulting in a huge number of impressions and high engagement.

Bob Shrestha, Digital Strategist

40k visits
20k votes

The competition and the surrounding campaign generated great exposure for Lenovo, with more than 2.3 million impressions from advertising and social media and exceeded all client KPIs.

During the 8 week campaign period the competition website received more than 40,000 visits with 10% being repeat visitors. Overall, 32 videos were submitted along with over 20,000 votes being cast on the website.

For more information about the results and how to target unknown customers via diverse channels, contact us today.

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

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