Modernising Conquest Equipment’s marketing to drive leads

Conquest Equipment, Australia

Raising brand awareness and generating leads

Having made the leap from regional provider to a national player in their market, Conquest Equipment needed to go pro with their digital marketing to generate leads and pipeline for their rapidly growing business.

The destination

We quickly recognised that meeting ambitious short term targets, and keeping the leads coming in consistently over time, would require just the right mix of paid and organic traffic. The website also needed enhancement, including both quick wins and an eye on the long game, to deliver engaging content that appealed to humans and robots alike, and driving visitors to convert to leads.

The route

Our content-first approach delivered a slew of new, SEO-friendly product and industry pages alongside a navigation overhaul and core content update. Simultaneously, we developed a digital advertising campaign with targeting based on industry trends, competitor and audience activity, which encompassed search, HTML5 display ads and social remarketing. A plan for consistently publishing new SEO-optimised content and the creation of lead generation downloads would enable the initial focus on paid media to shift to organic traffic over time.

The Walk

The targeted digital campaign quickly delivered engaged, relevant traffic to the site, meeting the short term need. As the SEO benefits began to take hold, organic visits ramped up and began providing prospects and conversions which allowed the paid media spend to ease off. With a clearer, more coherent website experience, conversion of traffic to leads rose too, putting Conquest in the driving seat of their journey to dominance in their market.

Reaching relevant audiences with a targeted digital campaign

Localised SEM ads drove prospects to mobile optimised landing pages

Improving customer experience through SEO friendly and useful content

Looking to expand in your niche B2B market?

The right integrated marketing approach can generate not just more traffic and exposure, but also save wasted effort for your sales team by providing high-quality leads

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