Securing Harbour IT as a leader in managed IT services

Harbour IT, Australia

Thoughtful, customer-centric integrated marketing delivers qualified leads for less.

With an eye on increasing their footprint in the competitive financial services IT sector, Harbour IT wanted to make a big impact at the Customer Owned Banking Convention (COBA) and Future of Financial Services (FoFS) trade shows.

The destination

Naturally, they are also among the largest and most competitive events for vendors. In order to stick out from the crowd, Harbour IT had to think outside the booth.

Making an impact at the show was one thing. But having a plan to follow up and nurture leads into sales was a more surefire way to deliver on Harbour IT’s long term goals.

The route

The stands were designed to be open and welcoming, showcasing the brand and their service offerings, along with the strong message of support and partnership from their parent company, Canon.

Visually striking stand designs complemented by branded product collateral and branded merchandise gave a strong account of Harbour IT as a supportive brand and a capable service provider. Before and during the event, email communications went out to highlight the benefits of attending the Harbour IT booth, while post-event activity included a nurture journey for prospects who had engaged with the brand.

The Walk

Harbour IT’s position as a world-class IT solutions provider was enhanced by their presence at both industry events. Clear messaging, with informative, well branded collateral and handy branded merchandise gave the business the cut-through it was looking for and helped acquire qualified leads for the sales team to follow up and convert.

Relevant and engaging take-away collateral

Eye-catching event booth design that clearly summarises key points and benefits

Branded merchandise that would live well beyond the event

Personalised communications were sent out before, during and after the event.

Who are you going to contact for your next big project?

How will you be making the investment in your next event worth your while? Standing out and following through are two critical pieces of the puzzle. For help bringing your brand and ideas to life, speak to The Walk.

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