Harbour ISP is a leading provider of regional and satellite internet, despite being relatively unknown in metropolitan markets. In a competitive market, dominated by industry juggernauts such as Telstra and Optus, Harbour ISP needed a way to compete with the big providers who had much larger budgets and better media saturation.

Deploying a clever integrated marketing strategy, The Walk built a pipeline for Harbour ISP by generating traffic around a unique search term that had no competition from the rest of the industry.

The challenge

In order to successfully launch their new nbn plans to existing regional areas, and break into the metro market, Harbour ISP needed to find a way to compete with the industry’s biggest brands and their vast media budgets.

The goals

How does a much smaller brand stand up against global competitors and their multimillion dollar marketing budgets? You stop trying to drown out your much louder competition, and instead try singing a different tune.

Compete with larger brands

Raise awareness

Drive sales up and costs down

The journey

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

Encouraging new language

Unable to compete for more popular search terms like ‘broadband’, The Walk developed the theme of ‘Supernet’ to help Harbour ISP differentiate themselves, while positioning themselves as a provider of super-fast internet.

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

Integrated marketing to get the word out there

An integrated marketing campaign was executed across print, digital and radio to encourage prospective customers to search the term ‘Supernet’ rather than the more competitive terms. This effectively side-stepped the competition and put Harbour ISP at the top of the list for people searching for internet plans.

The integrated marketing campaign resulted in a massive jump in online conversions from the bespoke landing page, and for calls to their
sales team.

With customers signed up to the plans, a bright new source of consistent monthly revenue was created with Harbour ISP’s nbn products, coupled with greater brand presence in previously untapped markets.


The results

The Walk were able to generate cost-effective leads with a much greater lifetime value than their single contract value.

In the face of much larger, more established competitors with massive media budgets, Harbour ISP drove brand awareness and were able to grow market share in the rapidly expanding nbn-ready areas. Harbour ISP saw a huge jump in calls and sales.

Cost-effective leads

Generated cost-effective sales leads in a fiercely competitive space

Brand awareness

Drove brand awareness vs the big players

Grew market share

Grew market share in the rapidly expanding nbn-ready areas

Want to know how an integrated marketing campaign can drive brand awareness and grow your business?

Our journey with Harbour ISP demonstrates what you can achieve with a creative idea and a well-executed integrated marketing strategy. Talk to The Walk about what problems you’re facing in marketing your business and we’ll help you develop creative ways to solve them.

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