Awareness, acquisition and brand loyalty engendered through training and certification

Amazon Web Services, ANZ

Effective utilisation of the cloud can revolutionise processes, drive innovation and create efficiencies that drive business profitability.

Telling this story for Amazon Web Services (AWS) is critical to driving uptake of their training and certification, which in turn enables more productive use of their rapidly evolving technologies.

The destination

Effective use of technology can transform businesses. Amazon Web Services (AWS) wanted to raise awareness about the benefits of the AWS training for business decision makers and showcase customer success stories. In addition, they also wanted to create desire in individuals to take the training through aspirational messaging and incentives, driving acquisition through an immediate time-sensitive offer and training events.

The route

A full multi-touch campaign was designed to create awareness of the benefits of AWS training and generate demand training and certification. Media was highly targeted and the messaging was tailored for the decision maker and their trigger points.

Reaching out via printed DM, digital ads and eDM campaigns, the campaign landing pages included an incentive for individuals to sign up for training, as well as custom designed course guides for IT Pros and business decision makers.

The Walk

The ongoing digital marketing campaigns are run on Google Search, Google Display Network, and Linkedin platforms. The campaign has achieved millions of impressions and thousands of clicks at an above benchmark click-through-rate. The average conversion of nearly 3.7% is well above KPI.

Direct mail included a personalised letter with offer and AWS Course Guide

Self-optimising web advertising leading to customised responsive landing pages

Targeted advertising and eDMs led to customised responsive landing pages

Looking to grow demand for your products and services?

Some decisions take longer than others and there are often factors outside your control influencing those decisions. That’s why it sometimes takes a longer term, integrated approach to convert prospects to your brand or product.

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