Bringing an untold brand story to the world in a rich web experience

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This is ThinkPad is a celebration of the heritage of the premier brand from the world’s #1 PC company.

ThinkPads are one of the world’s most famous and ubiquitous business PCs. Rugged, durable and packed with features and innovative engineering, ThinkPads have led the commercial laptop space for more than a decade. But, while ThinkPad had a loyal fanbase, there was no home for the brand on the web – it was time to bring the ThinkPad heritage to a new global audience.

The destination

We charged with bringing the Think brand story to life on the web while offering a glimpse into the inner sanctum of the Think group.

Tackling a brand story of this scope required detailed research and through speaking to Lenovo employees, brand ambassadors, engineers and product managers, in order to bring out the insider knowledge that the audience craved.

The route

Working with existing video and photography as well as creating brand images and 3D rendered video for the site, we crafted the content into a rich visual and compellingly written story for the Think brand audience.

The site itself was pushed the cutting edge of HTML5 at the time, making rich media experiences sing across devices in a clean and intuitive responsive design.

The Walk

Site visitorship grew exponentially through social sharing and clicks through to the online store have been beyond expectations, contributing to a calculated ROI figure of close to 1000% for the first 6 months. The site continued to evolve and is now available in over 30 markets around the world, in more than 20 languages. It’s success has influenced how Think products are marketed.

Rich media experiences across devices and browsers

Clean, classy home page design

Using HTML5 and 3D modelling to explore product details

Localised for 30+ markets in 21 languages.

Looking to showcase your product or brand in a premium web experience?

Far from being a marketing frontier, the internet is now often the first place that people encounter your brand. A well crafted online brand experience can be the differentiator between you and your competition.

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