Setting the scene for professional services

Lenovo, Worldwide

A picture paints a thousand words, which makes brand photography an important part of communication. In the B2B tech environment, where products and services are complicated and can have highly abstract benefits, this takes an extra level of complexity.

The destination

With a diverse portfolio of professional services, Lenovo needed a way to show the impact of these services for their customers. In a complex environment where professional services could be anything from user support, to solutions architecture, software implementation or cloud migration, any brand imagery created for marketing purposes needs to be both versatile and bang on brand.

The route

Creating engaging images of people using technology is a specific art, and stock photography seldom fits for a brand with the gravity and international presence of Lenovo. Subjects need to be portrayed in a range of professional scenarios and  Lenovo products need to be front and centre, with prominent branding. The casting and photography needs to be versatile enough to be used internationally for a variety of use cases and audiences as well as carefully adhering to Lenovo’s brand guidelines.

The Walk

With a tight budget, and an ambitious shoot schedule, the photo shoot needed to be carefully planned and executed. With a dozen talent on set, we utilised a smart and versatile co-working space to recreate a range of scenarios from showing professionals in the boardroom and working on the move to students in the cafe. In all, 23 different combinations of people and settings were captured in a day. With the client selects chosen, the final piece was to add the digital retouching that brought the work up to the hyper-real standard of Lenovo’s brand photography.

Picture perfect

If your brand needs photography that will show your products and services in the best possible light, speak to The Walk.

Once we’ve worked with you on the brief, to ensure we understand your needs and challenges, you can leave the rest to us. With talented photographers as part of our extended team and a creative approach to achieving great value for your budget, we can handle everything from casting and planning to the shoot and retouching. Plus, with our deep integrated marketing knowledge, we can help make your new photography work as hard as possible for your brand.

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