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Amazon Web Services (Global)

Driving brand trust with a story that connects

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. To help SMBs understand that it’s a versatile environment that’s not just for the bigger players, AWS wanted to demonstrate the possibilities presented by their platform in a way these customers could relate to.

The challenges

Being a global powerhouse can be a disadvantage. AWS needed to humanise their brand and meaningfully connect with the SMBs, and demonstrate the value of the AWS Cloud Platform to this audience. It’s a complex value proposition, and AWS turned to The Walk to produce a series of customer stories that highlighted how real-world SMBs were powering their success with the AWS Cloud.

The goals

The main goal was to show that AWS is as relevant to SMBs as it is to large enterprises. By focusing not on AWS, but on other SMBs who have built great things on AWS we aimed to:

  • Humanise the brand
  • Build trust
  • Demonstrate value
  • Simplify the value proposition

CareMonitor went from having no telehealth to hosting 34,000 patients in just 7 days

The journey
Finding a story

The first step was in finding the stories that SMBs could relate to. In order to demonstrate the value of the AWS Cloud, we needed to showcase a variety of use cases, from a broad range of industries. This allowed us to showcase the versatility of the platform in helping businesses accelerate and scale using AWS cloud technology.

Capturing the challenges

In personal interviews with key personnel from each business, we were able to delve deeply into the challenges they were facing. This allowed us to build case studies that were relatable to other businesses facing similar challenges. 

Showcasing the solutions

After exploring the challenges in our customer stories, the SMBs then explained how they were able to solve these challenges using the AWS Cloud. Rather than simply listing the benefits of the platform, we focused on how these benefits impacted the customer.

Each SMB was also given the opportunity to explain how they collaborated with AWS and to discuss the support they received in developing their solutions. This allowed AWS to demonstrate the personalised care they offered their customers, while showcasing the versatility of the AWS Cloud, and its ability to solve problems faced by SMBs.

Demonstrating the potential

Having people explain the benefits of using AWS from their own experience enabled us to present stories that other SMBs could relate to on a personal level. The close of each story gave the customer the opportunity to describe the impact of the AWS solution on their business, as well as how they expected it to impact their futures. This gave authentic endorsement to the possibilities that exist for SMBs to accelerate and scale using AWS technology.

With AWS, Tinyme scaled their ecommerce from Australia to 9 different country sites

The Walk

By telling the stories of how SMBs have used AWS to power their own innovation and successes, The Walk was able to demonstrate the value of AWS to SMBs, build more trust in the the brand, and help simplify a complex value proposition by providing valuable context.

The customer stories allowed SMBs to see the potential of the AWS platform, and its ability to transform their organisation. We also successfully demonstrated the flexibility of the AWS Cloud when it comes to solving the unique challenges of SMBs.

Levno's proprietary hardware leverages native IOT services on AWS to deliver insights

Got a story to tell?

Customer stories are an excellent way of presenting a complicated value proposition in a more relatable format. They also allow you to showcase the benefits of your product or service, while putting a more human face to your brand.

Here at The Walk, we can help you identify the customer ‘wins’ that help build trust with
your audience.

Contact us today to turn your customer’s success stories into your success stories.

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