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Amazon Web Services, Australia

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has built the leading cloud platform and has a passionate community of developers, architects and engineers building state-of-the-art cloud-based solutions every day. Supporting their community became increasingly important as the activities from them began to grow. AWS came to The Walk agency because we’re trusted partners, AWS-users ourselves, and one of the few agencies with proven expertise in marketing to IT audiences. Our job was to bring these stories to life.

The destination

AWS exists in a very competitive marketplace alongside Google and Microsoft who are constantly trying to convert AWS users into customers. But AWS is the market leader by far and is responsible for some of the greatest cloud innovation journeys. With the passionate AWS community becoming increasingly active, we were tasked with capturing the stories within the community and turning those into assets AWS could take to market to further drive community engagement.

The route

We wanted to capture the real-life impact of AWS on community members’ lives, so we took advantage of the very first AWS Community Day event and ensured we were there to bring these stories to life. We planned set interviews with select customers, as well as conducted a series of interviews in a vox-pop style with AWS’s first employee, the well-known and loved, Jeff Barr.

The Walk

Resulting from the raft of content we produced from not just the Community Day, but other events, we designed a multi-channel campaign utilising a range of carefully crafted assets to get the results we were after. This included a guide for community members looking to start their own User Groups, social assets to promote the events and written editorials to showcase the customer stories. In the end, our work contributed to the best growth rate of all markets around the world and achieved or even beat set KPIs.

Here’s a look at some of the video assets we produced:

AWS Community Day hype reel

AWS Community Day vox-pops

Afterpay testimonial

Astute Payroll testimonial

Stackery testimonial

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Community Tour

AWS Container Day social media promotion

AWS Container Day stickers for a give-away during the event

User Group Guide with infographic

User Group Guide infographic video

Ready to harness the power of storytelling to engage with your audience?

Video can be a great medium to tell complex stories quickly, but making those videos work hard and deliver results is where the real art of integrated marketing comes in.

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