Honeywell is a global Fortune 100 company which produces technology to enhance safety and connectivity in everything from aircraft to retail spaces and smart buildings.

Focusing on its reseller network across Australia, Honeywell wanted to increase their revenue by incentivising their partners to upsell and cross-sell products from particular retail technology ranges.

Using our extensive experience of channel communications and incentives, we were able to design, deploy and run a successful program that impacted revenue in key growth areas.

The challenge

Honeywell needed to find a way to encourage their partners, not only to focus on selling their products instead of the competition’s, but to upsell, cross-sell and attach services as well.

The goals

How does a business increase its revenue when it relies solely on a network of resellers to sell its products? It’s all about finding the right carrot and stick.

Generate excitement

Encourage upselling and cross-selling

Increase revenue

The journey

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

The biggest game in town

The Walk developed a sales incentive program with the theme of ‘The Biggest Game in Town’ which allowed resellers to win prizes (including a trip to NYC!) and earn reward and status points for making sales. An engaging launch video encouraged resellers to get involved in the program.

Top of the leader board

Resellers were given access to a personalised portal that displayed their leader board position and program status. The portal allowed resellers to check eligible products that Honeywell wanted them to push. There was also a page from which resellers could claim rewards.

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

Keeping in touch

The portal and regular eDMs continued to motivate resellers and keep them informed of program updates.

Keeping track

Analysing reseller data enabled us to glean insights and spot trends in the program’s performance.


The results

Launch activity with an attractive key visual and exciting messaging grabbed attention in Honeywell’s reseller network, with more than half or all eligible resellers joining the program.

Regular communications with fresh offers and incentives ensured engagement was high. Measured over a period of 6 months after the introduction of the program, sales revenue from program members far exceeded sales revenue from non-members.

Need to implement an incentive program that boosts revenue?

The incentives program allowed Honeywell to generate better sales results by motivating channel resellers and staying top-of-mind. Talk to The Walk today to find out how you can use engaging incentives programs to generate more sales and grow your business.

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