Adding brand value to a global giant

Lenovo, North America

When $46 billion global business, Lenovo, needed help capturing the essence of their enterprise solutions offering in North America, they turned to The Walk.

The destination

Having acquired the IBM PC division and with it the famous Think brand in 2005, Lenovo now has grown well beyond its early heritage as simply a PC provider. With a complex portfolio of market-leading products and solutions across enterprise IT from end-user devices to server infrastructure, software and services, the challenge with the Lenovo story is to leverage their position as the #1 PC company in the world, while upselling and cross selling across the entire portfolio.

The route

It’s not often that having a reputation for being #1 needs to be overcome, but such was the dominance of the Think brand in North America, customers were overlooking the incredible value offered by Lenovo as an end-to-end solutions provider coverage business technology from the pocket to the data center. The challenge was to generate a brand value proposition that encompassed the totality of Lenovo’s product and service offering, succinctly covering technology, solutions, experience and partnerships.

The Walk

The resulting value proposition concisely covered the “total technology ecosystem”, coming to life in sales and event  presentations, email signatures, and collateral for internal sales teams. In addition, a smartly printed solutions guide and presentation folder aimed at C-level executives, which was also a digital download, was a classy and engaging way to bring the high level messaging across.

A meticulously crafted value proposition was delivered for both clients and sales teams


The Solutions Guide paints the full picture of Lenovo's breadth of capability across IT solutions

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

A smart presentation folder held the Solutions Guide and curated product information

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

Would your business benefit from a succinct value proposition which helps to drive sales?

Messaging is a crucial part of any marketing. Having a clearly defined value proposition with clearly defined solutions can guide voice, terminology and messaging across an entire business or segment, ensuring consistent, convincing communication across the entire integrated marketing spectrum. Talk to The Walk, and we can help you understand and overcome the challenges implicit in this essential foundation for any communications strategy.

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