How you can use craft to compete with the dominant players

Harbour ISP is an internet service provider in Australia. They were at a crucial point in their business growth. Australia’s new internet infrastructure, known as the nbn (or National Broadband Network), was rolling out nationwide, which meant potential new customers were out searching for a provider. As a challenger brand, Harbour ISP can’t compete with the dominant players in the market, so they have to be careful about how and where they go to market.

A popular comparison website was showing promise but they were charging a whopping amount per lead. With a track record of delivering leads at a lower cost, Harbour ISP came to The Walk to see if we could deliver more leads for the same budget they had assigned to the comparison site.

Challenge accepted.

The challenge

Sharpening your focus, optimising across multiple channels

When you’re a challenger brand, trying to compete with established brands who have deep pockets can be daunting. But the world of marketing is a wondrous one and there are numerous avenues to explore when optimising your efforts.

We took it right back to the drawing board, assessing what had been done before, whilst also exploring competitive offers so we could understand the consumer experience. By the time we were done, we had optimised channel selection and targeting, with integrated messaging built to amplify results.

Competitive offers that boosted the campaign

The goals

Deliver a minimum number of leads over a set time

Deliver leads at a lower cost than they were getting

Learn from the results to bring costs down further over time

The journey

With a solid understanding of what had been done to date, together with sophisticated competitor intelligence, we were able to make recommendations for changes across the board.

Our proposed use of channels included a mix of search, display and social to drive traffic to an optimised landing page. To incentivise action, we ran a timed promotion offering one year of free internet. Not an agency to propose discounts as a way to drive results, this was an exception where we felt there was a need to stand out. The nbn reseller market is a tricky beast in that each brand is actually selling the same thing, so the things you can do to stand out can become quite limited.

Harbour ISP Facebook carousel ad
Facebook carousel ad

HTML5 display ad (click ad to replay)

The results

The offer showed immediate interest and we were able to create a repeatable campaign framework that the client could run on their own so they could continue to drive leads at a lower cost over time.


reduced cost per lead


increase in leads


industry average CTR

Ready to optimise your performance?

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