A premium result for a premium service

Lenovo, Worldwide

To sell the benefits of the new Premium Care customer support service, Lenovo came to The Walk for a slick and compelling brand video.

The resulting package of fun and upbeat 2-minute, 30-second and 15-second brand hero videos illustrates the quality of the experience as consumers enjoy the benefits of caring, professional service, which helps them get the best from their devices.

The destination

Lenovo were launching their new Premium Care customer support package globally and the question was: how to cut through and connect with a broad consumer base and educate them on the benefits of their premium customer care offering? The usual flyers and product brochures were already underway, but what would really light up the offering and get consumers signing up for this great new service?

The route

A product video would be the ideal piece to complement the more traditional sales material already being developed and, given the product would be launched at a large European consumer technology conference, it needed to be a great piece that was executed efficiently to meet the looming deadline. The other trick would be to sell consumers a service that they would hopefully never have to use. Complex, important and immediate. So, Lenovo came to the Walk.

The Walk

Our concept highlighted the “always-on” benefits of Lenovo Premium Care, rather than just the high level of care offered when a user does have an issue. From this concept, we crafted a great script that mixed a stream of positive messaging with well-timed humour and brought it to life with compelling storyboards. After a two-day shoot at three locations, we had the content in the can and were ready to weave in a small amount of client footage to tell the story. The final touch was to cut 3 short videos and produce them with subtitles in 6 languages, then Lenovo Premium Care was ready to launch to the world!

The finished video series

  • Lenovo Premium Care – The full story

  • Lenovo Premium Care in 30 seconds

  • Lenovo Premium Care in 15 seconds

How Lenovo took it further

Besides running a whole marketing campaign around it, the full-version video is also being featured on Lenovo Premium Care’s landing page.

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The videos were subtitled in five different languages

Text overlay version for mobile users watching without sound

A version featuring specific products was created especially for a major US distributor

Behind the scenes

Looking to bring your product or service to life?

Elevate your offering and launch it straight into your customers’ consideration set with an engaging and memorable video piece. Video is fast becoming the most effective communication form on the web and is ideal for presenting complex or abstract concepts in a readily understandable and compelling way. Get in touch today and let us help you tell your unique story.

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