A moving picture paints 10,000 words

Arq Group

Arq Group is a market leader in digital solutions for businesses big and small, with a complex and diverse array of services.

With large enterprises looking for help with major IT and data projects, it can be hard to understand exactly where Arq Group’s digital solutions could apply to their specific scenario. Using video to present case studies helps Arq Group to succinctly and meaningfully describe the highlights and benefits of each project.

The destination

More and more people are consuming video content, both in the office and on the move. It’s an excellent medium for getting intricate stories across in an easily understandable and concise manner. By showing how other businesses have benefitted from Arq Group’s capabilities, it becomes easier for prospects to draw parallels with their own situation and builds confidence that Arq Group could help. In just a couple of minutes, the key points about complex IT, data and cloud projects can be communicated, and given a human face, which makes them more relatable and memorable.

The route

The video case studies created for Arq Group showcase success stories from big enterprise IT and data projects that would have taken thousands of well-chosen words to explain. Starting with content discovery, through to script outlines, shoot day and producing the final edit, the experience was crafted to be cost-efficient and low commitment for client stakeholders – always with an eye on the overarching communications objective. Landing pages gave context to videos and also offered more content (a downloadable case study which dived into more detail) to further aid understanding and enhance the branding opportunity.

The Walk

By using video to tell their story, Arq Group has been able to build on the success of their signature projects, enhance their brand and generate more business in their key service areas. By quickly showing how they can deliver on complex requirements to the benefit of large brands, Arq Group’s reputation as the leading provider of end-to-end digital services in Australia has been further enhanced.

A selection of Arq Group case study videos:

  • Landmark Cloud Analytics Platform

  • Customer testimonial - Partnering for success

  • Polli Chatbot Solution

Showcasing Arq Group's success with engaging video

A downloadable and printable piece supports the video content

Ready to harness the power of video content?

Video is highly engaging, and proven to improve conversion rates by 80% when used on website landing pages. People are looking to engage more deeply with brands, and video provides viewers the opportunity to quickly gain insight into what makes a business tick, and what makes them different from all the rest. The benefits can be staggering.

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