Redesigning the Infoready website to tell a new brand story

Infoready, Australia

A well-considered and thoughtful one-page website strategy to drive conversions

Infoready, part of Arq Group, is a leading Australian information management and business intelligence consultancy. They help organisations build success with innovative data-driven ideas. Following the merger with Arq Group, Infoready approached The Walk to create an succinct and effective scrolling website.

The destination

Infoready is a leading provider in analysing data to uncover new patterns, discover solutions and reveal growth opportunities. Situated within a relatively new and complex industry, they needed a succinct strategy to help them talk about their capabilities, success stories and tell a new brand story following their merger with Arq Group.

Infoready needed to partner with a marketing agency that understood the local Australian landscape, the digital complexity of their service offering and have the skills to deliver what they needed.

The route

Working closely with the internal team, we planned out the overall strategy to concisely tell their new story and to align with what they initially wanted. We started by mapping out the flow of how users interact with the website. With the single-page scrolling homepage strategy approved, we moved onto delivering the copy, designs, testing and delivery.

The Walk

Working on a short timeline, we broke down the entire project into separate phases of delivery. We adopted an agile approach to ensure that the entire team was aligned, and feedback was quickly implemented. With each phase successfully delivered within the projected timeline, we were able to deliver an effective scrolling home page solution that introduced the user to their capabilities, successes and values of Infoready. The site also contains case studies and articles that Infoready can use to deliver insights into their latest research and projects.

A scrolling website that beautifully displays the capabilities and new brand story of Infoready

A fly out menu bar for a tailored mobile experience

Improving the entire website experience across multiple devices

Simple animations that enhance the reading experience

Do you need to take your website to the next level?

Your website is the digital home of your brand and often the first place that customers learn about your company. The right website experience can tell your brand story, capabilities and offerings in a concise way to get your next sale. If you need help crafting the right copy, design or overall experience, talk to us today.

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