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Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, Australia

Marketing that rises above the rest

The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel hosts a wide range of special events throughout the year, each of which targets different people from all around Australia and the world.

The destination

The Melbourne Star is the Southern Hemisphere’s only giant observation wheel and a major tourist attraction in Australia’s famous Victorian city. Positioned in the up-and-coming docklands area of the city, the Star’s marketing must reach people throughout the city, the country and the world. In addition to the normal tourist traffic, special events are intrinsic to making the Melbourne Star an essential part of any tourist experience.

The route

Making magic is the key to any experience. As well as crafting the story of the real star,  cuddly mascot Melbie Bear, the uniqueness of a visit to the Melbourne Star was written through the whole suite of assets for the website, social and ticketing platforms as well as brochures and operator fact sheets. For special events, we created extra buzz, creating the voice, story and key visual for each event, before rolling out a consistent messaging framework across other channels.

The Walk

Weaving some magic around the experience at the Melbourne Star is critical to enticing visitors, whether in product fact sheets for tour operators, the story of their mascot, Melby Bear, or the visitor brochure. Understanding how special the experience is not only attracts the crowds to the Melbourne Star and drives advance booking, but also enhances the visitor experience and creates advocates who will spread the word and return, whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or kids activities like the the Easter Fun Day or Where’s Wally on the Wheel.

Our story introduced the real star of the Melbourne Star, mascot Melbie Bear


The visitor brochure mixes the magic of the Melbourne Star experience with the practical information needed

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

Special events are promoted on the home page and across social media

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

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The power of storytelling, painting vivid pictures in the minds of your audience, creates strong brand affinity and increases both recall and purchase intent. As a performance-driven integrated marketing agency, at The Walk we use the power of narrative through whatever channels willwork best to generate interest and incite action, always measuring the effectiveness and optimising to ensure great results and a real return on imagination.

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