The story of a year, a vision for the future

TRY Australia

The not-for-profit sector faces often stark challenges, not just in the confronting nature of their work, but also in being held fiercely accountable whilst simultaneously fighting a constant battle for funding to continue their valuable work.

TRY Australia is one such exemplary organisation. Founded 136 years ago, TRY Australia and its tireless team works to create opportunities for young people to bring their lives back on course through the dignity of work. With an array of projects and initiatives, and many sponsors, government and private funders, the accessibility of their reporting is essential to the organisation’s continued success.

The destination

The annual report of a not-for-profit must simultaneously present the obligatory audited financial information and tell the story of the year, celebrating successes, acknowledging failures and presenting a clear vision for the future. The information must be clear, concise and accessible to those who need to see it. Whilst crucial, the project also shouldn’t break the bank.

The route

To make the work as efficient as possible, our team worked with source content provided by TRY Australia, applying best-practice writing techniques to help deliver a consistent voice and tone throughout the report. With the natural turnover in board members at TRY Australia, The Walk also arranged photography of the new members in a style consistent with previous executions.

The Walk

The TRY Australia Annual Report was re-written in an active voice as, as unlike most printed versions, the TRY Australia report will mostly be read as an interactive document. The Walk team were able to minimise the cost of the report production by re-using existing templates and incorporating all the new, updated content into a brand new report.

Annual Report for TRY Australia 2019

New photography of board members

Looking for a clever content strategy?

If you need a clear and concise annual report, or any other long form document, produced to a highly cost-efficient and professional standard, at The Walk, we have great expertise in developing all kinds of content, blending consistent voice with striking visual design to produce compelling and readable documents. Get in touch today and let us help you tell your story.

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