Choosing a marketing automation service that made sense

Conquest Equipment, Australia

Conquest Equipment needed a marketing automation platform that fulfilled their needs and helped to grow their business.

The growth of marketing automation platforms has skyrocketed in recent years. The features and benefits they provide are crucial for businesses to scale their efforts and achieve continued growth.

The destination

Conquest Equipment needed an experienced agency to partner with them to start their marketing automation journey. The benefits behind automation were a no-brainer. Conquest Equipment wanted to be more effective in their marketing with great personalised communications while reducing the time spent on campaign set up.

The route

The first step was to identify what the organisation needed to fulfil with marketing automation. From there, we tapped into our expertise to recommend a marketing automation platform and package that would suit. After they chose the platform, Conquest Equipment were set up with a specialist consultant to build the foundations of their unique automation setup. This includes things like sales and marketing qualified lead scoring, detailed training and how they could start segmenting audiences to deliver unique messages across email and landing pages.

The Walk

After the set-up was complete, Conquest Equipment could begin crafting messages to specific audience segments and begin planning those customer journeys. We initially delivered the templates behind their landing pages and emails, then delivered training so they understand how to build their automation content with these templates. With these new templates, we were able to plan comprehensive marketing campaigns that served independent landing pages to selected outreach audiences.

Landing page integrated with Conquest's CRM

An email sample from the automation

A peek at behind-the-scene work for email automation

Looking for content marketing that cuts through?

At The Walk, we have produced oodles of great content pieces, each designed to engage with audiences at particular points on their journey as they discover brands, products and solutions. Of course, while education and discovery are important for engagement, we also understand it’s essential to drive action, and to design journeys which move audiences to get closer to your brand, make a purchase or to become advocates. If you need more visibility and affinity for your brand, product or solution, let’s talk.

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