Collaborating to drive enterprise leads

Lenovo, North America

The destination

When Lenovo needed an agency to build a digital media campaign in the US and UK markets, they chose The Walk. Our deep understanding of their brand, our broad capability across strategy, media and creative, and our dedication to producing excellent ROI made us the ideal partner to collaborate on delivering excellent results.

The requirement was simple – drive leads – and use LinkedIn and Google to do it. With clear goals, narrow parameters, and creative from a global campaign to use as a starting point, we knew that maximising the effectiveness of the budget needed accurate targeting and close attention paid to different elements of the campaign as they played over the campaign.

The route

With a short runway and no creative licence, our task was to take a global campaign and use what we had to deliver leads for Lenovo’s data centre business in the US and UK. Paying attention and rigorous optimisation was paramount. We know that the backend media setup was crucial to delivering not just short term results, but also the insights and intelligence to build success for future campaigns. With limited creative to use, we used subtle augmentations to give us the ability to run multiple campaigns simultaneously.

The Walk

With the short timeline, our multiple campaign strategy was critical to creating different routes for optimisation that could run simultaneously, giving us more opportunities and insights than in a typical campaign setup. Beyond the leads delivered, differences in the reaction to content types, ad-sizes and messaging gave the Lenovo team vital intelligence with which to build successful campaigns in the future. Our team distinguished themselves as a valued collaborative partner with strategic smarts and willingness to go the extra mile to achieve our client’s goals.

LinkedIn ads

Google display ads

Lenovo customer story landing pages

Do you need a team actually thinking about your digital marketing strategy, not just doing what the big platforms tell them to do?

At The Walk, we pride ourselves on our smart approach to digital marketing, being transparent about opportunities and challenges, and working together with our clients to achieve goals. The digital marketing environment is not getting any simpler, so if you’re looking for a team of humans who’ll pay attention, help with strategic understanding, and deliver insights that fuel future successes, get in touch with The Walk today.

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