Owning a niche to accelerate growth

BusinessHub, Australia

Helping a trusted MYOB partner to grow their Australian manufacturing client portfolio

When your primary offering is designed to help unlock growth for businesses, you’d expect that to be an easy sell. But for MYOB partner, BusinessHub, they found that’s not always the case. MYOB is a popular accounting software that’s the foundation of an increasingly complicated ecosystem. Customers can purchase software directly and use it out of the box, or if they have more complex requirements, they can work with a partner to customise their solution so it’s a perfect fit for their specific business needs.

But how might a customer know when they need help, or if they should just work it out themselves, when they don’t understand the full potential of the software? We helped BusinessHub communicate that very problem directly to one of their primary audiences.

The destination

Manufacturing businesses face challenges with inefficiency across numerous fronts, and they’re not always easy to see. A partner like BusinessHub can really help reveal where these sticking points are, and then work with customers to understand and address them. When BusinessHub approached us to help grow their business, we knew we had to show their audience just how easy and powerful it can be to identify and solve these hidden challenges with the right MYOB customisation partner.

The route

Our work needed to clearly articulate the power of using an experienced partner like BusinessHub to supercharge MYOB, enabling it to deliver superior results to the out of the box version. The first step was education, so we leveraged thought leadership in the form of a guide for manufacturing businesses, and drove traffic to a HubSpot landing page via content syndication and search ads. Display, remarketing and search ads drove the audience to a conversion optimised landing page that spoke more directly about the core MYOB offering.

The Walk

The creative used a little tongue in cheek humour to showcase the power of customisation for manufacturing businesses, aiming to stand out in a pretty staid environment. Being an integrated campaign, this singular message was delivered across numerous touch points to raise awareness and drive enquiry. With the campaign in market, we were able to learn and optimise based on numerous metrics, right down to time of day and day of the week. Following the initial campaign, we then helped the brand to come to life at manufacturing events and to continue speaking to niche audiences directly about their needs to drive business growth.

HubSpot landing page

Digital display and search ads

Guide for Manufacturing business

Are you ready to find your tribe?

If you’re having trouble engaging a niche audience on a complex topic, or communicating the hidden value of your product or service, speak to The Walk today. We can tell you how we can help you find the pain points, topics and language that will resonate with your audience and drive performance for your growth goals.

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