Leveraging the strengths of social media to drive sales like never before

InstantScripts, Australia

Offering a range of healthcare services over the phone, including prescriptions, doctor consultations, and pathology tests, InstantScripts was uniquely positioned to deliver exceptional value to their target audience during the pandemic. But with their growth stalling and Australians largely unaware of the brand, InstantScripts recognised the need to get the word out there about their range of online healthcare services.

In August 2020, InstantScripts approached The Walk Agency with one key objective: increase sales.

Assessing a wide variety of platforms through which this goal could be achieved, one particularly promising avenue was found in paid social media advertising.

The destination

It quickly became clear that leveraging the unique strengths of social media would be a vital key to spreading the word about InstantScripts.

Through paid social media advertising, The Walk would be able to target a variety of different audiences with specific messaging and the most relevant offering. From birth control and STI testing, to hair loss treatment and erectile dysfunction, each campaign could be specifically tailored to the right audience.

Once this opportunity was identified, The Walk set goals for improving InstantScripts’ performance. These goals included increasing engagement and Click-Through Rates (CTRs), lowering Cost Per Click (CPC), reducing Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), and increasing sales.

The route

Healthcare is a uniquely personal industry that requires a very personalised and tailored marketing approach. That’s why audience segmentation was vital to emphasising the care that went into InstantScripts’ services. Once the audience was accurately segmented, The Walk would be able to target the specific pain points that each audience faced.

Recognising the importance of offering a streamlined brand experience, The Walk also needed to create a series of highly relevant landing pages where users could be directed once they clicked through to the website.

Leveraging the different capabilities of each platform, such as psychographic targeting, The Walk could also discover other new audiences who would benefit from InstantScripts.

Best performing Facebook ads

Examples of Instagram ads

The Walk

Using highly targeted placements, The Walk was able to send the right message to the right audience to ensure that the offer was always relevant to their needs.

Taking a broad approach to begin with, The Walk focused on men’s and women’s health, before narrowing down communications to a more specific audience. For example, younger women would receive communications about contraception, while middle aged men might see ads about hair loss.

With fresh and relevant creative based on clear and simple designs, The Walk were able to communicate InstantScripts’ value in just a few simple words and images.

Recognising the unique strengths of different social media platforms, each campaign was tailored, not just to the individual user, but also to the platform they were using. For example, Facebook ads took a caring and informative tone, while a cheekier, meme-inspired approach was adopted for Instagram.

Maintaining a consistency of tone and messaging between the landing pages and paid advertising, The Walk were able to offer a smooth transition from social media to the InstantScripts’ website. This connected with audiences and encouraged them to make a purchase.

Want to drive your sales with cut-through social media marketing?

Our experience with InstantScripts shows how a personalised approach, a consistent brand experience, and the unique capabilities of social media can help deliver greater ROI. With proven experience in driving sales with social media, we can help you turn the greatest strengths of each platform into your greatest weapon.

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