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ESSSuper, Australia

ESSSuper is a not-for-profit super fund serving Victorian emergency services and state employees. The company has the second biggest payroll in Victoria and over AUD $29 billion in assets. They came to us with a campaign idea: to communicate to their members how they could enjoy increased returns and ensure a more comfortable retirement. ESSSuper needed a hand to execute this idea creatively and to incorporate a multi-channel approach that spoke to its target market in a way that resonated with them.

The destination

ESSSuper approached us to develop a creative campaign to encourage their target market (emergency service & state members) to review their super contribution rates. The main benefit that we needed to communicate was simply how impactful it is to maximise your super contributions. But financial matters aren’t attractive to everyone, so we needed to get cut-through by capturing people’s imaginations. With two distinct audiences, we planned to create two campaigns with subtle differences so we could more directly speak to either emergency service workers or teachers. This allowed us to deliver two campaigns for little more than the cost of one.

The route

We started by developing a creative campaign around ESSSuper’s core messaging. We came up with a creative concept centered around the idea of a retired member being in the future looking back to when they adjusted their super contribution: The concept was designed to showcase how they could ensure they enjoy the retirement they deserve.

We adopted an integrated marketing approach, promoting the creative campaign across multiple digital and non-digital channels, including print ads and eDMs. We showcased the different remuneration rates associated with the varying contribution rates in a graph so that customers could visualise the real benefits associated with increasing their contribution rates.

The Walk

The communications clearly showed the impact of adjusting their super rate and encouraged action to ensure their valued members got the retirement they deserved. We’ve since gone on to deliver additional work for ESSSuper and are proud to be supporting such a great cause.


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