Driving leads across multiple countries
for AWS Training Partners

Amazon Web Services, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud computing provider, came to us with a proposition: create a solid marketing strategy to drive leads for the training partners across a few key markets.

We leveraged an exiting event that the training partners were doing called “AWS Discovery Days”. These one-day virtual events offered participants a comprehensive understanding of the AWS Cloud as well as knowledge around how to benefit from AWS security and compliance services. We worked with AWS’ Authorised Training Partners (ATPs) to create campaigns to drive leads for their business and awareness around the value of AWS training.

AWS Training Partners we worked with

The destination

With a variety of different ATPs, delivering AWS training to audiences across Asia Pacific, AWS needed a way to generate leads for their partners in a way that felt authentic. AWS already has one of the most comprehensive cloud training programs in the world. Our goal was to increase AWS authorised training by filling their events with interested people; business professionals and IT leaders in Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The route

We used social media to drive awareness around the ATP’s technical expertise and increase the number of event registrations. We used timely text messages and email reminders to maximise audience numbers and reduce the number of no-shows. We used these campaigns to showcase how these free Discovery Day events unlocked the potential of AWS training for employees, before directing them to a paid training course. All employees who completed the training were awarded an AWS training certificate.

The Walk

The first learning for us was that marketing plans are bound to change. When the pandemic hit in 2020, we supported AWS as their events transitioned from in-person events to valuable webinar experiences. We exceeded our attendance targets by delivering timely reminders prior to the events. The training partners were then supported to follow-up with attendees after the event, guiding the audience to paid AWS training, which would then lead to official AWS certifications, which helps ensure AWS customers are excelling in their adoption of cloud initiatives.

Targeted social ads

Targeted HTML5 display ads

Registration landing pages were localised for each market

Email certificates for attendees

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