Creative to elevate a commoditised offering

Lenovo, North America

Turning Lenovo’s software and services offering into an attractive and differentiated proposition

Selling Microsoft cloud software licensing and services should be straightforward. It’s software that customers need, customers know, and the solution is trusted. But for medium and large enterprises, the real question is … what’s the best way to procure it? In a highly competitive and commoditised market, differentiation is scarce because the core product and offer is the same across the board. We helped Lenovo shine through as a software solutions provider able to offer customers with a more complete solution, and demonstrate the value they could deliver over and above the competition.

The destination

With many different ways to purchase Microsoft 365 – including just going direct to the source – proving the value of being a full service software solution provider is where Lenovo had the opportunity to rise above the noise. Lenovo has the advantage of providing superior management tools and adjacent offerings that can help create efficiencies for customers and improve their overall experience. With customers bombarded by almost identical offerings left, right and centre, our task was to elevate Lenovo into the prime position. 

The route

We knew that Lenovo had more to offer than simply sales of software subscriptions that a customer could get from anyone else. The task was to make this clear to customers, and not just tell them, but show them that Lenovo was different. A creative approach was needed – one that highlighted how superior delivery and support could help their customers achieve better outcomes. Our understanding of the customer and their challenges was where we started in making Lenovo’s offering more attractive than all the others on the table.

The Walk

To make the Lenovo offering more appealing so that it was elevated above the noise of a busy market, we worked on a creative idea that would encapsulate the journey of the customer, helping them understand that Lenovo identified with the challenges they faced in their decision, showing that it was Lenovo that had the answers.

With a slick video concept that mixed live action and motion graphics, the complex offering was simply explained through the story of a person finding their way, when they could hardly see the wood for the trees. In addition, the Lenovo sales team were armed with email and PDF content to help them engage their customers with the solution and complete the sale.

Mixing technical sales content with a stunning creative execution in video

Digital PDF design

Engaging sales email

Campaign photography series

Do you have a product or service that could use some extra shine?

With complex IT software and services, while the solutions may be practical, they’re seldom sexy. Finding creative ways to engage an audience, even on a dry topic, is what we do at The Walk. When clients have a good offering on the table, it’s all about putting it forward in a more interesting way, using storytelling to show the customer that you understand their position and weaving your competitive advantage into the story.

Do you have something complex to put in front of customer? Reach out to The Walk, and we’ll take you on a journey to stronger sales results.

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