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AWS, Kmart Group, ANZ Bank, Wesfarmers, Australia

AWS Deep Racer events demonstrate how machine learning can be both fun and accessible, while our stories show how this is valuable for an organisation.

There’s nothing like getting hands-on for wrapping your head around a new technology. Deep Racer live events are run with AWS for businesses wanting to bring some extra spark to their technology skills development programs. They allow people from all over the organisation to build and train a machine learning model that is able to learn how to steer a car around a track, and to test their model against their peers in a fun and exciting live racing environment.

The destination

AWS Deep Racer events really are great fun. Learning, failure, friendly competition and banter abound as teams pit their machine learning knowledge against each other in a live race. They also form an important part of the technology educational process and are a great opportunity for organisations to showcase their commitment to skills acquisition and nurturing talent. It takes craft to show these events as great learning experiences that are fun, bring teams together, and are also aligned with the organisation’s technology, innovation and talent agendas.

The route

You can’t just point a camera at an event to create and expect a great story to unfold in front of the lens. It takes skill and experience to capture the essence and energy of a whole day in just a couple of minutes of finished footage. To also make the video a valuable marketing asset for organisations with complicated internal and external communications agendas takes even more thought and careful planning. In a live event and interviews, nothing is scripted. But knowing who is most likely to say what, and then asking the right questions is an acquired skill.

The Walk

We have a tried and true methodology for understanding and accommodating the parallel requirements of the event and the organisation which involves a little research and a lot of planning. This approach, combined with our experience of capturing the mood of live events, enables us to faithfully show how the day unfolded for the participants while ensuring that the overarching story arc is on point with the organisation’s communication strategy around cloud, technology and talent. By aligning these elements, we have been able to achieve great storytelling outcomes that capture the fun and excitement of Deep Racer while simultaneously creating high value content for the organisation.

Wesfarmers Deep Racer event day

ANZ Deep Racer event

Kmart Group Deep Racer event

Do you need your event to deliver more than just a day of engagement?

Are you staging a Deep Racer event, or something similar? Telling real stories about how your teams or customers came together to interact, learn from each other and achieve something they never thought would be possible is a powerful way to show others what your organisation truly cares about. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your event live on and continue to create impact long after it’s over.

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