Enhancing user experience to improve performance

InstantScripts, Australia

In a rapidly burgeoning space, it’s not uncommon to release digital solutions that are beta versions. For InstantScripts, merely 18 months into their founding, they were experiencing rapid growth, but also knew that the initial launch release of their website and app were limiting their growth.

The team tasked The Walk with assessing the underlying data and recommending an approach to address challenges with their UX.

The destination

The great thing about digital platforms is just how much data can be collected. But to get any value from it, data must also be interpreted and that can be where challenges lie.

We decided to take a two-phased approach to addressing the UX challenges. The first involved addressing the low hanging fruit, i.e. the easy fixes that would make an immediate impact. The 2nd phase involved real-world user testing in which we tasked users with a set list of instructions and gathered feedback inform our final solution.

The route

We customised the app home screen, taking into account what the experience would be both for new visitors and logged in customers. New visitors were welcomed with a clear introduction to the brand and an explanation of the ordering process. While the returning customers were offered a more personalised home screen.

We then refined the medical category screens, before refreshing the login screen with smarter micro copy, and finally refining the order screen. Crucial to this last step of the process was ensuring customers could clearly see all steps in one screen so that there was no mystery about what was required to complete their order.

The Walk

Our refreshed designs created a more seamless user experience and saw a decrease in exits from the login screen, which led to an 18% increase in purchases in just a few weeks. We also saw a decrease in time required to order and an increase in new registrations. Both key metrics for the brand.

Redesigned app home page

The redesigned desktop app and mobile app

New landing pages targeting key audiences

Is your website or app working for or against your business?

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